Research Topic: Rules: APA Format , 14 – 20 pages SubTopics to be covered: Introduction (3 – 4 pages) Problem Statement and Purpose of Research Relevance and Significance Research Questions Barriers and Issues Review of the Literature (6-8 pages) — 5 peer-reviewed literature sources do not create below subheadings. This for reference as to understand what all topics have to be covered under review of literature Description of the research including who the target population was (if available) Research Method used to conduct the research (describe what the researcher(s) did to gather data for the research) Was survey distributed? How many questions? How many participants? Was it a focus group? Was it a case study? Be explicit Findings: Indicate the findings as reported in the article Conclusion: What was the conclusion of the research Research Methodology (3 – 4 pages) Findings, Analysis, and Summary of Results (2 – 4 pages) Conclusions (2 – 4 pages) References NOTE: I am attaching a copy of detailed description on how to write the research report along with a sample example in the last 2 pages.

Title: Exploring Barriers and Issues in APA Format: A Comprehensive Review of Literature


The introduction section of this research report aims to provide a clear understanding of the problem statement, the purpose of the research, its relevance, and significance. It will also outline the research questions that will guide the study.

Problem Statement and Purpose of Research:

The problem statement highlights the existing challenges and issues faced by researchers in adhering to the rules and guidelines of the American Psychological Association (APA) format. The purpose of this research is to identify the specific barriers that researchers encounter and investigate their impact on the quality and credibility of scholarly work.

Relevance and Significance:

The relevance and significance of this study lie in the growing number of academic publications and the need for accurate and consistent formatting. Understanding the barriers and issues in APA format will contribute to improving the overall quality of research and enhancing the credibility of academic publications.

Research Questions:

The research questions will guide the investigation into the barriers and issues in APA format. They include:

1. What are the common barriers faced by researchers when adhering to the APA format?
2. How do these barriers affect the overall quality and credibility of research?
3. What strategies or solutions can be implemented to overcome these barriers?

Review of the Literature:

The literature review section forms the core of this research report and provides an in-depth analysis of existing scholarly works related to the topic of interest. This section will utilize five peer-reviewed literature sources to gather relevant information and insights.

Description of the research:

This subsection will provide a brief overview of the research studies selected for the literature review. It will include details such as the target population (if available) and the specific research methods employed by the original authors to gather data. This information will present the context in which barriers and issues were studied.

Research Methodology:

The research methodology section will explicitly describe the methods used by the original authors to conduct their studies. This may include the distribution of surveys, the number of questions included, the participant sample size, and other relevant details. By providing a clear understanding of the research methodology, this section will ensure transparency and accurate interpretation of the findings.

Findings, Analysis, and Summary of Results:

In this section, the findings reported in the selected literature will be presented and analyzed. The results will be summarized, highlighting the barriers and issues identified by the authors. A comprehensive analysis will be conducted to understand the impact of these barriers on the overall research quality.


This section will provide a concise summary of the key findings and their implications. It will address the research questions and deduce the major conclusions drawn from the literature review. The conclusions will be supported by evidence and may suggest potential strategies to overcome the identified barriers.


The reference section will list all the sources cited in the research report using the APA format. It will provide a comprehensive list of the literature used to support the study and allow for further exploration of the topic.

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