Read the following Scenario: Company M designs, manufactures, and sells electronic door locks for commercial buildings. The company has approximately 1,500 employees in three locations around the United States and generates $50 million in annual revenues. Over 5,000 wholesalers and distributors access the Company M business-to-business (B2B) Web site to place orders and track fulfillment. In the past year, Company M experienced 22 information security incidents, most of which involved lost or stolen laptops, tablet PCs, and smartphones. In addition, the company dealt with four serious malware events that originated from an unpatched server, an insecure wireless network used in the manufacturing plant, an insecure remote connection used by a sales person, and a headquarters employee who downloaded a game from the Internet to her workstation. Three of the malware incidents resulted in files that were erased from the company’s sales database, which had to be restored, and one incident forced the B2B Web site to shut down for 24 hours.


In today’s digital era, information security is of paramount importance for organizations across all sectors. The increasing prevalence of cyber threats and incidents has pushed companies to invest heavily in safeguarding their valuable data and information. This paper examines a scenario involving Company M, a manufacturer and seller of electronic door locks for commercial buildings, and explores the information security incidents they have encountered over the past year.

Background of Company M

Company M is a well-established organization in the electronic door lock industry, with operations spanning multiple locations in the United States. With 1,500 employees and annual revenues of $50 million, the company has a significant presence in the market. Its business-to-business (B2B) website serves as a crucial platform for over 5,000 wholesalers and distributors to place orders and track their fulfillment.

Information Security Incidents

Over the course of the past year, Company M has witnessed a total of 22 information security incidents. These incidents primarily involve the loss or theft of laptops, tablet PCs, and smartphones. Such incidents have the potential to compromise sensitive data and information, as these devices often contain valuable business data, including customer information, financial records, and trade secrets.

In addition to device-related incidents, Company M faced four major malware events. These events originated from various vulnerabilities within the organization’s infrastructure. One incident occurred due to an unpatched server, highlighting the importance of regularly updating and securing software and operating systems. Another incident resulted from an insecure wireless network at the company’s manufacturing plant, illustrating the criticality of robust network security measures.

Furthermore, a malware incident was traced back to an insecure remote connection used by a salesperson. This highlights the significance of enforcing secure remote access policies and procedures to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access. Lastly, an employee at the company’s headquarters downloaded a game from the internet onto her workstation, inadvertently introducing malware and causing disruption.

Impacts of Information Security Incidents

The consequences of these information security incidents have been varied and significant. Three of the malware incidents resulted in the erasure of files from Company M’s sales database, leading to the need for extensive restoration efforts. Not only does such data loss disrupt normal business operations, but it also compromises the integrity and completeness of the sales database, potentially impacting customer relationships and revenue.

Additionally, one of the malware incidents led to the shutdown of the company’s B2B website for 24 hours. This disruption in service negatively impacted the relationship with the numerous wholesalers and distributors who rely on the website for placing orders and tracking fulfillment. The financial implications of this downtime, including potential loss of sales and reputational damage, cannot be overlooked.

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