Need to be in APA format with proper citation and references. : In this paper, you will research and report on network management tools associated with (1) policy compliance, (2) bandwidth management, and (3) asset management. Compare and contrast, at least, one tool for each of the three network management areas. What is the best tool for each area? Can one tool be used for managing more than one area? Why or why not? : Remember to support your statements with factual information (i.e., attribution/citations). In addition, material from the course textbook or the textbook’s author(s) cannot comprise more than 25% of the sourced and/or quoted material.The paper must following the formatting guidelines in The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2020), (7th ed.), and  contain, at least, three scholarly/peer-reviewed references, three to five pages of content, and a reference page. In addition, the paper will be submitted through the Turnitin originality-checking tool.  More APA assistance can be found at the . **********Required about 5-6 pages including title and reference pages separately.*********

Title: Network Management Tools: A Comparative Analysis in Policy Compliance, Bandwidth Management, and Asset Management

Network management plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of computer networks. As networks become increasingly complex, the need for effective network management tools has become more prominent. This paper aims to research and report on network management tools associated with policy compliance, bandwidth management, and asset management. By comparing and contrasting at least one tool for each of these areas, we will determine the best tool for each category and evaluate whether one tool can manage multiple areas efficiently.

Policy Compliance Tools
Policy compliance ensures that network operations align with established guidelines and regulations. Implementing a tool that can enforce policies and detect violations is essential. SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM) is a popular network management tool that excels in policy compliance. NCM simplifies network compliance by providing automated configuration backups and tracking changes made to network devices. It allows network administrators to define and enforce policies while generating reports on compliance status (SolarWinds, 2020). Another tool in this domain is Cisco Prime Infrastructure, which provides automation and control for policy enforcement on Cisco networks. It offers real-time monitoring and reporting of compliance violations (Cisco, 2020).

Bandwidth Management Tools
Effective bandwidth management is crucial for optimizing network performance and ensuring fair resource allocation. A notable tool in this area is SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM). NPM monitors network bandwidth utilization and provides detailed reports to help administrators identify and resolve bandwidth issues quickly. It offers real-time and historical data analysis, facilitates tracking of performance metrics, and assists in identifying network choke points (SolarWinds, 2020). Alternatively, PRTG Network Monitor is another robust bandwidth management tool that provides network administrators with real-time data on bandwidth utilization, allowing for proactive bandwidth planning and optimization (Paessler, n.d.).

Asset Management Tools
Efficient asset management is essential to keep track of network resources, such as devices, software, and licenses. The SolarWinds Orion Platform offers a comprehensive set of asset management tools that allow administrators to discover, monitor, and manage network assets effectively. It provides features such as automated inventory discovery, inventory tracking, license management, and hardware health monitoring (SolarWinds, 2020). Another notable tool in this category is ManageEngine OpManager, which offers similar asset management capabilities, including automated network discovery, asset tracking, and software license management (Zoho Corporation, n.d.).

Comparison and Contrasting of Tools
When comparing the policy compliance tools, SolarWinds NCM and Cisco Prime Infrastructure exhibit similarities in their ability to enforce policies and generate compliance reports. However, SolarWinds NCM focuses more on configuration management, whereas Cisco Prime Infrastructure offers broader network management capabilities. In terms of bandwidth management tools, SolarWinds NPM and PRTG Network Monitor offer comparable features such as real-time bandwidth monitoring. However, PRTG Network Monitor places greater emphasis on proactive bandwidth planning and optimization. When considering asset management, both SolarWinds Orion Platform and ManageEngine OpManager provide automated network discovery and asset tracking features. However, the SolarWinds Orion Platform offers additional functionality for license management and hardware health monitoring.

The Best Tool for Each Area
Based on their capabilities and features, the best tool for policy compliance management is Cisco Prime Infrastructure due to its extensive network management capabilities. For bandwidth management, SolarWinds NPM is the preferred choice, as it excels in real-time monitoring and historical data analysis. In asset management, the SolarWinds Orion Platform emerges as the top tool with its comprehensive suite of asset management features, including automated discovery, tracking, license management, and hardware health monitoring.

In conclusion, network management tools are essential for maintaining the efficiency and security of computer networks. SolarWinds and Cisco offer effective solutions in policy compliance, bandwidth management, and asset management areas. While some tools may overlap in certain functionalities, it is recommended to employ specialized tools for each network management area to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Network administrators can leverage these tools to ensure policy compliance, optimize bandwidth usage, and streamline asset management in their networks.

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