please no plagiarism and include the turnitin report. Imagine  for a moment that you are a hacker, an ethical one. You are called upon  by law enforcement to hack into a business network known to be engaged  in criminal activity for financial gain as its primary activity. Assume  you are not to be concerned with any politics of the job and that your  actions are legal and ethically justified. This nefarious business takes  its own security seriously and therefore has implemented several forms  of network security. These include firewalls, Web proxies for its Web  gateways, and VPNs for remote users. You also  know that this business exists much like any normal corporation, renting  several floors of office space to accommodate between 100-200  employees. Also imagine that the business’s entire network topology is  located in that same location. Your goal is to infiltrate the security  sufficiently to find evidence included in the local MSQL database. You  need to remain anonymous and operate within the reasonable parameters of  the law. Write a paper in which you: The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are: Purchase the answer to view it Purchase the answer to view it Purchase the answer to view it

Title: Ethical Hacking and Infiltration of a Criminal Business Network

In the realm of cybersecurity, ethical hacking plays a vital role in identifying vulnerabilities and securing computer networks. In this hypothetical scenario, we are tasked with hacking into a business network engaged in criminal activities for financial gain, with the goal of extracting evidence from their local MSQL database. To preserve anonymity and adhere to legal and ethical boundaries, we must navigate through multiple layers of network security that include firewalls, web proxies, and VPNs. This paper aims to outline a systematic approach to infiltrate the target network while operating within reasonable parameters of the law.

To accomplish our objective, we must begin by conducting extensive reconnaissance to gather information about the target network. This initial phase involves careful analysis of the network’s topology, understanding its architectural design, and identifying potential entry points. Furthermore, we need to locate weaknesses that can be exploited, such as misconfigurations, unpatched software, or vulnerabilities in network devices.

Once the reconnaissance phase is complete, we proceed to the next step, which involves exploiting the discovered vulnerabilities. However, in an ethical hacking scenario, it is crucial to follow explicit rules and regulations. This means taking precautions to minimize collateral damage and avoiding any actions that might disrupt the normal operation of the business or cause harm to innocent parties.

To remain anonymous, we employ advanced techniques such as using TOR (The Onion Router), virtual private networks (VPNs), or proxy servers to obfuscate our physical location and mask our online activities. By adopting these measures, we create a layer of anonymity that prevents our activities from being traced back to us.

With these precautions in place, we move on to cracking the network’s security defenses. This involves circumventing firewalls, which are designed to monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic. By exploiting vulnerabilities in these firewalls, we aim to gain unauthorized access to the target network and bypass any imposed restrictions. Additionally, we selectively target web proxies that act as gateways to the web, analyzing their configuration and looking for potential weaknesses in their implementation.

Another crucial component of the network security we encounter is the use of VPNs for remote user connectivity. VPNs establish secure connections between users and the network, protecting data transmission from eavesdropping. To infiltrate the network, we must decipher and manipulate the secure protocols and encryption mechanisms used by the VPN to ensure that our actions remain covert.

Once we have successfully breached the network’s security defenses, we focus on locating the local MSQL database and extracting the required evidence. This step requires extensive knowledge of the specific database management system and its vulnerabilities.

Ethical hacking, when pursued within legal and ethical boundaries, can help uncover evidence of criminal activities occurring within a business network. By adopting a systematic approach and following strict guidelines, we can infiltrate a secure network, bypass multiple layers of network security, and extract the necessary information while minimizing the risk of detection. The proposed methodology serves as a guideline for conducting ethical hacking operations in a controlled and ethical manner.

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