Draft 4 (most outlines which have been submitted so far need revision) at the beginning of your document and begin the draft of the report on a new page.  At the end of the draft include all references you have found related to your topic which have an in text citation in the text of the paper. The paper at this point should essentially be the final paper and meet all the requirements here.      All requirements stated for Drafts 2 and 3 apply to this draft. f your final paper does not have in-text citations the paper will not be accepted and the grade will be zero.  All URLs in the references must be  hyperlinks. If you have a question about the order of the references at the end of the paper read the material at the following link.  However, do not double space the references as suggested, just single space them with one blank line between each references.  Do not justify this section of the paper.

Title: The Importance of In-text Citations and References in Academic Writing

In academic writing, it is crucial to provide proper citations and references to support the arguments and ideas presented in a paper. In-text citations and references provide evidence of the sources consulted by the author, allowing the reader to verify the information presented and assess the credibility of the work. This paper aims to emphasize the significance of including in-text citations and references in academic writing, as well as provide guidelines for their proper implementation.

Importance of In-text Citations:
In-text citations play a critical role in academic writing as they serve multiple purposes. Firstly, they acknowledge the original author or source of information, giving credit where it is due. This ethical practice promotes intellectual honesty and integrity within the academic community. By attributing ideas and information to their rightful owners, students and scholars avoid plagiarism and ensure the originality of their work.

Secondly, in-text citations enable readers to locate the sources used in a paper and further explore the topic. By providing specific details such as the author’s name, year of publication, and page numbers (if applicable), readers can easily find the referenced material. This enhances the transparency and authenticity of the author’s work, allowing readers to evaluate the reliability and validity of the information presented.

Furthermore, in-text citations help to strengthen the arguments and claims made in a paper. By citing relevant and credible sources, authors lend credibility and authority to their own work, making it more persuasive and convincing. In-text citations provide readers with contextual information and evidence to support the claims made, fostering a stronger argumentative framework.

Importance of References:
In addition to in-text citations, including a comprehensive list of references at the end of a paper is equally important. References serve as a bibliography, offering readers a complete list of the sources consulted by the author. This allows interested individuals to delve deeper into the subject matter and verify the information presented.

References also provide credibility to the author’s claims by showcasing a breadth of research and acknowledging the existing body of knowledge on a particular topic. By including reputable sources, such as peer-reviewed journal articles, books, and scholarly publications, authors demonstrate a thorough understanding of the subject matter and establish their work as an authoritative contribution to the field.

Furthermore, references allow readers to critically evaluate the sources used in a paper. By examining the credibility, methodology, and arguments presented in the referenced material, readers can assess the reliability and validity of the author’s claims. This promotes the rigorous examination and assessment of knowledge, contributing to the advancement of scholarly discourse.

In-text citations and references are crucial components of academic writing, serving purposes of acknowledging sources, providing evidence, enhancing credibility, and promoting authenticity. By incorporating these elements into their work, authors contribute to the integrity of scholarly discourse and facilitate the dissemination of knowledge. It is essential for students and scholars alike to understand the importance of in-text citations and references and to adhere to proper guidelines when including them in their own academic papers.

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