1. Work on Continuous integration and continuous deployments for the applications assigned using Jenkins, uDeploy. And Work on Web application installations, upgrades, and deployment. Education: – Master’s (Computer Science) Subject: Java and Internet Applications (150 Word) 2. Migrate Bank of America 1000+ Applications from WFS Artifactory instance to INTG-B Artifactory instance. (150 Words) Education: – Master’s (Computer Science) Subject: Advanced Database Design and Analysis (150 words) 3. Configuring, debugging and supporting multiple infrastructure platforms. (150 Words) Education: – Master’s (Computer Science) Subject: Object Oriented Analysis & Design (150 words) 4. Migrate all Bank of America deployment servers 1000+ from N1 tool to IBM uDeploy tool. And Perform installation, maintenance, and support of applications. (150 Words) Education: – Master’s (Computer Science) Subject: Software Quality Assurance and Test Automation (150 words) 5. Set up and maintain fully automated Build and Test process for applications. (150 Words) Education: – Master’s (Computer Science) Subject: Advanced Structured Programming and Algorithm’s (150 words) 6. Write automation scripts in python and use uDeploy to deploy and manage Java applications across Linux servers. (150 Words) Education: – Master’s (Computer Science) Subject: Advanced UNIX/LINUX Programming (150 words)

Continuous integration and continuous deployment, often referred to as CI/CD, are essential practices in software development. They entail the automation of various processes such as building, testing, and deploying software applications. In the context of the assigned applications, the use of Jenkins and uDeploy is mentioned.

Jenkins is an open-source automation server widely used for CI/CD pipelines. It provides a platform for teams to build, test, and deploy software continuously. By integrating with version control systems, Jenkins can trigger builds whenever changes are made to the application’s code. This allows for faster feedback and helps identify issues early in the development process.

uDeploy, on the other hand, is an application release automation tool. It allows for the automation of deployments and configuration management. With uDeploy, teams can define deployment processes, manage application configurations, and monitor deployments across different environments.

In the given task, the focus is on working with these tools to implement CI/CD for the assigned applications. This would involve setting up Jenkins to build and test the code automatically whenever changes are made. It would also include configuring uDeploy to deploy the applications to different environments.

In addition to CI/CD, the task also mentions working on web application installations, upgrades, and deployment. This implies that there might be a need to handle the deployment of web applications specifically. This could involve tasks such as configuring web servers, ensuring proper version control, and managing dependencies.

Moving on to the second task, it mentions the migration of Bank of America’s applications from one Artifactory instance to another. Artifactory is a binary repository manager used for storing and managing software artifacts. It provides a central location for teams to store and retrieve software dependencies.

Migration of applications to a different Artifactory instance can involve various steps. These may include identifying and categorizing the applications, ensuring compatibility of the new Artifactory instance, transferring artifacts and configuration data, and validating the migrated applications.

As mentioned in the task, there are over 1000 applications to be migrated. This indicates that the process would require careful planning and coordination to ensure a successful and smooth transition.

The educational background mentioned in relation to these tasks is a Master’s degree in Computer Science. While the subject areas vary, the common thread among them is that they all pertain to areas of expertise relevant to the tasks at hand.

For instance, the subject of Java and Internet Applications is relevant to understanding the intricacies of Java-based applications and how they interact with the internet. Advanced Database Design and Analysis would be useful in understanding the underlying database structures and managing the migration of applications and data.

Object-Oriented Analysis & Design is important for understanding the design principles and patterns used in software development. Software Quality Assurance and Test Automation contribute to ensuring the reliability and quality of the applications being deployed. Advanced Structured Programming and Algorithm’s would be applicable in optimizing the build and test processes for efficiency. Finally, Advanced UNIX/LINUX Programming would equip the individual with the necessary skills for managing and configuring Linux servers, which are mentioned as part of the automation scripts setup.

Overall, the tasks mentioned require hands-on experience with CI/CD tools, knowledge of deployment processes and best practices, and expertise in relevant technology areas. The educational background aligns with the tasks and provides a solid foundation for the successful completion of assigned responsibilities.

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