Your job for this week is to create a proposal that includes the following: You have the option of two types of research. Please note that in future weeks you will be asked to source some data that can then be used for charts and analysis. Consider this as you select the technology you want to discuss. Contact your instructor if you have any concerns or questions about your topic. The two options for your research are below.  You only need to pick one of them for your document. Create a folder under your COMP150 research folder called “Week 3 Draft”. Next, create a new word document and name the file “YourName_COMP150_W3_Assignment.docx”. You will then write a two to three page draft that discuss the following topics and create a PDF version of your work. If your selected technology has other areas that you would like to discuss, feel free to discuss them as well. Make sure to apply the different formatting and options as provided below

Title: Proposal for Research on the Implications of Artificial Intelligence on Healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI) has garnered significant attention and has emerged as a transformative technology across various industries. In the healthcare sector, AI holds immense potential to revolutionize patient care, diagnosis, treatment, and overall healthcare management. This proposal aims to investigate the implications of AI technology on healthcare and explore its potential benefits and challenges.

The primary objective of this research is to analyze the impact of AI on healthcare systems and assess its potential for improving patient outcomes, optimizing resource allocation, reducing medical errors, and enhancing overall efficiency. Additionally, this research aims to identify the ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSI) that arise from the widespread implementation of AI in healthcare.

Research Questions:
1. How can AI be effectively integrated into healthcare systems to improve patient care and outcomes?
2. What are the potential challenges and limitations associated with the integration of AI in healthcare?
3. What are the ethical concerns and regulatory considerations surrounding the use of AI in healthcare?
4. How can the benefits of AI in healthcare be maximized while minimizing potential risks and ensuring patient safety and privacy?

To address the research questions, a mixed-methods approach will be employed. Firstly, a comprehensive literature review will be conducted to examine the current state of AI in healthcare, including its applications, benefits, and challenges. This review will include both academic and industry sources to provide a holistic understanding of the subject.

Furthermore, interviews and surveys will be conducted with healthcare professionals, AI experts, policymakers, and patients to gather diverse perspectives on the implications of AI in healthcare. The insights gained from these primary sources will be crucial in understanding the real-world challenges and opportunities associated with the integration of AI.

The collected data will be analyzed using a thematic analysis approach. The themes that emerge from the literature review and primary data sources will be examined and synthesized to identify recurring patterns, key findings, and potential recommendations. Quantitative data collected from surveys will be analyzed using statistical methods, and qualitative data from interviews will be transcribed and coded for thematic analysis.

The findings of this research will contribute to the existing body of knowledge on the implications of AI in healthcare. The research aims to provide insightful recommendations for healthcare policymakers, practitioners, and technologists to effectively leverage AI for improved patient care, while addressing the ethical, legal, and social concerns associated with its implementation. Overall, this research will provide a comprehensive understanding of the potentials and challenges of AI in healthcare, thus enabling informed decision-making in the field.

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