you work as a network engineer for a small company with hne local office in New York City. The company has been experiencing tremendous growth in the northeastern United States. As a result of this unprecedented growth, the company’s management decides to establish an office in Los Angeles. They want all data and network services from the New York location to be available in the new Los Angeles office. You and your small team of engineers have been assigned the task of implementing the new Los Angeles office and establishing a site-to-site WAN solution between both offices. Individual Portion In a project outline of 1–2 pages and a Visio network diagram for your boss, do the following: Identify a solution you will use to implement the WAN connectivity between the sites. Identify the hardware requirements for implementing your solution (discuss why each component is needed). Identify an IP subnet scheme that will be used in both locations’ LANs. Identify IP addresses to connect each WAN interface. Using Visio, created a pictorial representation of the proposed network (including IP location, device names, etc.). deliverable length: minimum 2 pages

Title: WAN Implementation and Architecture for Connecting New York and Los Angeles Offices

As a network engineer, this project focuses on implementing a wide area network (WAN) solution to connect the existing New York office with the newly established Los Angeles office of the company. This will ensure seamless connectivity and access to data and network services between the two locations. This paper presents a comprehensive project outline and a Visio network diagram to address the WAN connectivity requirements.

I. Solution for WAN Connectivity:
To establish a reliable and efficient site-to-site WAN connection between the New York and Los Angeles offices, a virtual private network (VPN) will be employed. VPN technology utilizes encryption and tunneling protocols to ensure data privacy and integrity, crucial for transmitting sensitive corporate information over the internet.

II. Hardware Requirements and Justifications:
The following hardware components are required to implement the selected WAN solution:

1. VPN Gateway: A VPN gateway is required at each office location to securely connect both offices. This device will handle the encryption and decryption of data and establish a secure tunnel between the two offices.

2. Router: Routers will be installed at both ends to route network traffic between the LANs and the VPN gateway. They are responsible for directing data packets to the appropriate destination by using routing protocols.

3. Switches: Switches will provide local connectivity within each office LAN, ensuring efficient network communication among various devices. They enable a higher degree of bandwidth management and network control.

4. Firewall: A firewall is essential to enforce network security policies and protect the internal network from unauthorized access or malicious activities. It filters incoming and outgoing traffic based on predetermined rules, thereby securing the network infrastructure.

III. IP Subnet Scheme:
To facilitate smooth communication between the LANs of both offices, an IP subnet scheme must be designed. The scheme should ensure that IP addresses are uniquely assigned, avoiding overlap or conflict. The following subnet scheme is recommended:

1. New York:
– LAN Subnet:
– WAN Interface IP:

2. Los Angeles:
– LAN Subnet:
– WAN Interface IP:

IV. Visio Network Diagram:
The attached Visio network diagram provides a clear visual representation of the proposed network architecture, including device locations, IP addresses, and interconnections. It outlines the physical layout and arrangement of network components, assisting in understanding the network implementation.

The implementation of a VPN-based WAN connectivity solution between the New York and Los Angeles offices is essential for seamless communication and data sharing. By utilizing VPN technology and deploying the necessary hardware components, the company can ensure secure and efficient network connectivity between the two offices. The proposed IP subnet scheme and accompanying Visio network diagram provide a comprehensive overview of the intended implementation plan.

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