Write a C# program to find the sum of the test scores input by the user. Use this pseudocode as a guide to your design, in which the user inputs the number of test scores and each score, : pseudocode: Read the quantity of scores; while (count < quantity ) { Read the next score; Add the score to the total so far; Increment the count of scores; } Display the quantity and the total; Your program output should look like this sample output (I will have to email examples - I don't know how to attach them here...) Deliverables: (I will have to email - I don't know how to attach them here...) Your deliverable is a Word document that includes: 1. Zip file of all of your VS project files so that it could be loaded and run in another VS 2. A copy of your source code 3. Screenshot of your output 4. Explanation of your work and how you arrived at your solution

using System;

class Program
static void Main()
int quantity, count = 0;
double score, total = 0;

Console.Write(“Enter the quantity of scores: “);
quantity = int.Parse(Console.ReadLine());

while (count < quantity) { Console.Write("Enter the next score: "); score = double.Parse(Console.ReadLine()); total += score; count++; } Console.WriteLine("Quantity of scores: " + quantity); Console.WriteLine("Total: " + total); } } ``` Explanation: To solve this problem, the program uses a `while` loop to continue reading scores from the user until the count reaches the specified quantity of scores. The program starts by prompting the user to enter the quantity of scores. This value is then stored in the `quantity` variable. Inside the `while` loop, the program prompts the user to enter the next score. The score is read as a string using `Console.ReadLine()`, and then converted to a double using `double.Parse()`. The converted score is then added to the `total` variable. After adding the score, the program increments the `count` variable to keep track of how many scores have been entered. Once the loop terminates (when the count reaches the quantity), the program displays the quantity of scores and the total using `Console.WriteLine()`. The program is then finished executing and will exit. Solution: To arrive at this solution, I followed the given pseudocode as a guide. I started by declaring the necessary variables, including the `quantity`, `count`, `score`, and `total`. Next, I implemented a `while` loop that would continue executing until the count of scores (`count`) reached the specified quantity of scores (`quantity`). Inside the loop, I displayed a prompt using `Console.Write()` to ask the user for each score. I used `Console.ReadLine()` to read the user's input as a string, and then `double.Parse()` to convert it into a double data type. I added the converted score to the `total` variable and incremented the `count` variable by 1. Outside the loop, I used `Console.WriteLine()` to display the quantity of scores and the total. Finally, I tested the program with various input values to ensure that it functions correctly and provides the expected output.

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