WEB 240 WEEK 2 Individual Website Design and Development First Draft A website plan serves as a blueprint for developing a website. The plan identifies the purpose of the site, your audience, and the specific content and features that must be added to the site to accomplish the site s objectives. a First Draft of your Website Plan, using a Microsoft Word document or a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, that addresses the following areas: Topic Purpose Audience A visual mockup of the layout of your site s home page using drawing tools in a Microsoft Word document, a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, or a graphic program a homepage for your planned site that demonstrates effective application of design elements. Use only Adobe Dreamweaver or another HTML editor to create a basic web page based on the web plan you have developed. This page is the homepage of your website. Save your site homepage as index.html or default.html. your HTML code using the Markup Validation Service on the W3C website, (www.w3.org) prior to submitting your web page(s). all website files in a compressed folder.

A website plan acts as a guide for the development of a website, outlining its purpose, target audience, and the specific content and features that will be included to achieve the site’s objectives. In this assignment, you will be creating the first draft of your website plan and implementing it by creating a homepage using HTML.

To start, you need to define the topic and purpose of your website. This involves considering the subject matter you will be focusing on and the goals you want to achieve with your site. For example, if your website is about healthy cooking, the purpose could be to provide recipes and tips for maintaining a nutritious diet.

Next, you need to identify your target audience. This involves understanding who your site is intended for and tailoring your content to their needs and preferences. For instance, if your website is targeted towards college students, you may want to provide budget-friendly recipes and quick cooking techniques.

Once you have determined your topic and audience, you will create a visual mockup of your site’s homepage. This can be done using drawing tools in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or a graphic program. The purpose of this mockup is to give you an idea of the layout and design of your site’s homepage before actually implementing it.

After completing the mockup, you will create a basic web page based on your website plan. You should use Adobe Dreamweaver or another HTML editor to code your page. This page will serve as the homepage of your website. Remember to save the file as either index.html or default.html, as these are the standard filenames for homepage files.

Before submitting your web page, ensure that your HTML code is valid by using the Markup Validation Service provided by W3C (www.w3.org). This service checks your code for errors and conformity to web standards. It is important to validate your code to ensure compatibility across different browsers and devices.

Finally, you will need to compress all your website files into a single folder. This makes it easier to submit and transfer your website. Compressing the files reduces the overall file size and helps maintain file organization.

In summary, for this assignment, you need to create a website plan by defining your topic, purpose, and target audience. You will also design a visual mockup of your site’s homepage and create a basic web page using HTML. After validating your code, you will compress all your website files into a folder for submission.

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