Two short paragraphs (APA format not needed for these answers and each answer can be 75-100 words) Please name this Word document Module  7 DQ’s: Two separate short questions that can be part of one document (You can also answer each question with about 75-100 words each, but must be in APA format) The point assignment is setup as: Title this document Module 7 Assignment 2: Scenario 13-1 Support staff members have been complaining about the amount of time they are spending restoring selected users’ files on their Windows 10 PCs. The users are pretty technically savvy and can perform the tasks themselves, but you don’t want to give them administrative privileges on their PCs. Describe your recommended solution. Scenario 14-1 You are an administrator for your company’s Active Directory domain. Your manager has decided to allow users to use their own smartphones and tablets to access email and work documents. Explain what must be configured for users to use their own personal devices? **Please do not use old book references, only newer online references if needed. Purchase the answer to view it

Scenario 13-1:

In order to address the issue of support staff spending excessive time restoring selected users’ files on their Windows 10 PCs, a recommended solution would be to implement a self-service file restoration system. This system would allow users to restore their own files without needing administrative privileges on their PCs.

One possible solution would be to implement a file backup and recovery tool that is user-friendly and allows for easy file restoration. This tool should have a simple interface that guides users through the process of selecting and restoring their files. It should also have the capability to automatically back up files on a regular basis, ensuring that the most up-to-date version of the file is available for restoration.

To implement this solution, the support staff would need to install and configure the file backup and recovery tool on the Windows 10 PCs. They would also need to provide clear instructions and training to the users on how to use the tool for file restoration. The support staff should be available to assist users if they encounter any difficulties during the process.

By implementing a self-service file restoration system, the support staff can reduce the amount of time they spend on restoring files for users. This will allow them to focus on more critical tasks and improve overall productivity within the organization. Additionally, users will have the convenience and autonomy of being able to restore their own files whenever needed, without relying on the support staff.

Scenario 14-1:

To allow users to use their own smartphones and tablets to access email and work documents, several configurations must be made.

Firstly, the company’s Active Directory domain needs to be configured to support mobile device access. This can be done by enabling Exchange ActiveSync, which is a protocol that allows mobile devices to synchronize with the Exchange server. The ActiveSync policies should be set to define security settings and restrictions for mobile devices, such as requiring a passcode or limiting access to certain features.

Secondly, the email and work document systems need to be configured to be accessible from mobile devices. This may involve setting up a mobile-friendly interface or installing apps that allow for seamless access and synchronization. The necessary connectivity settings, such as server addresses and authentication methods, should be configured on the mobile devices.

Thirdly, security measures should be implemented to protect the company’s data on the mobile devices. This can include enforcing device encryption, enabling remote wipe capabilities, and implementing mobile device management (MDM) solutions. MDM solutions can provide centralized control and monitoring of the mobile devices, allowing administrators to enforce security policies and track devices if they are lost or stolen.

Lastly, user education and awareness should be a priority. Users need to be informed about the security risks and best practices when using their personal devices for work purposes. This can include training sessions, policies, and regular reminders on how to keep their devices and data secure.

By properly configuring the Active Directory domain and implementing the necessary security measures, users will be able to securely access email and work documents on their personal devices. This can improve productivity and flexibility within the organization, while maintaining the necessary security standards.

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