This is to design an application that will populate an array of elements from a text file with the following information: John, Mary, Larry, Sally, Joe, Jack, Harre, Paul, Nora, Gore, Sam, Yam, Ham, Bam, Ian, Fin, Pool, Rase. Display all the names in a list box reading information from an array file. Backup the array into another one. Create another 2 other list boxes with the following information: AGE SALARY HOURLY RATE 43 50 32 20 55 34 32 22 43 15 12 18 45 34 60 43 43 12 34 10 77 65 23 43 21 33 45 12 66 88 92 0 43 44 18 12 Populate a 2 dimension array with the information from both list boxes. Read the information from the 2 dimension array and calculate how much the company pays all the employees per hour. This is what I have so far: Imports System.IO Public Class frmPopulateNames Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnRun.Click Dim strFilename As StreamReader Dim strFileNames As String Dim strRead As String strFilename = “file.txt” friendFile = File.OpenText(strFilename) strRead = friendFile.ReadLine() MessageBox.Show(strRead)

The given code snippet represents the start of an application to populate an array with names from a text file. The text file contains a list of names, separated by commas.

The code imports the System.IO namespace, which provides classes for reading and writing files. It also declares a class `frmPopulateNames`, which is likely the main form of the application.

Within the class, there is a button click event handler called `Button1_Click`. This event handler is triggered when the button with the name `btnRun` is clicked.

In the event handler, the code initializes a variable `strFilename` of type `StreamReader` to store the name of the file from which the names will be read. The file name “file.txt” is hardcoded in the code, and it is assumed that the file is located in the same directory as the application.

Next, the code declares a variable `strFileNames` of type `String` to store the read names from the file. And then, a variable `strRead` of type `String` is declared to store each line of the file.

The code opens the text file using the `File.OpenText` method and assigns the resulting `StreamReader` object to the `strFilename` variable.

Then, the code reads a single line from the text file using the `ReadLine` method of the `StreamReader` object and assigns it to the `strRead` variable.

Finally, a message box is displayed with the contents of `strRead`. This is likely for debugging purposes, to verify that the code is correctly reading the names from the file.

It is important to note that the code provided doesn’t include the necessary logic to process the names or display them in a list box. Additionally, it doesn’t handle any errors that may occur during file reading. These aspects will need to be implemented in the application to complete the desired functionality.

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