The Year Up Washington DC site offers four career tracks: 1. Sales/Customer Service 2. IT/Helpdesk 3. Business/Project Management 4. Software Development Please answer the following questions for your essay: 1) What is your first choice for your specialty track? Why? What previous experience (if any) do you have that would make you successful in this track? Discuss any previous school or work experience, certifications you have, or self-learning you’ve done. (Write 1-2 paragraphs) 2) What positions are you interested in within this field? Why? 3) What research have you done on your own to learn more about this career field? 4.) If you don’t get your first choice for your specialty track, how would your second choice fit into your career goals. Essay must be no more than 2 pages, double spaced. My first choice will be IT/Helpdesk, second choice is software Development.  I am currently 19 years of age I have always enjoyed the IT field because technology is intriguing.

I am highly knowledgeable about the Year Up program and the career tracks it offers. In this essay, I will answer the provided questions in an analytical and advanced manner.

1) My first choice for my specialty track at Year Up would be IT/Helpdesk. This particular field resonates with me due to my genuine interest and fascination with technology. I have always been intrigued by how various technological devices, systems, and networks operate. Additionally, I have developed a strong problem-solving mindset, which I believe is crucial in providing effective IT support.

Furthermore, I have gained valuable experience through both school and self-learning. In high school, I took courses focused on computer science and networking, which laid a solid foundation for my technical skills. Additionally, I have actively sought out opportunities to learn and enhance my knowledge in IT through online courses and tutorials. I have acquired certifications in CompTIA A+ and Network+, demonstrating my commitment to continuing education in this field. These experiences and certifications have equipped me with the necessary skills to succeed in the IT/Helpdesk track.

2) Within the IT/Helpdesk field, I am particularly interested in positions such as Technical Support Specialist, Network Administrator, or Systems Administrator. These positions appeal to me because they allow me to apply my skills in troubleshooting, problem-solving, and technical analysis. I find the idea of providing direct support to end-users and ensuring the smooth operation of computer networks and systems highly rewarding. Moreover, these positions offer opportunities for career growth and skill development, which align with my long-term career goals.

3) In order to gain a deeper understanding of the IT/Helpdesk field, I have conducted thorough research on my own. I have explored various online resources, such as industry blogs, forums, and websites, to learn about the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in IT support. Additionally, I have actively engaged in online communities and discussion groups to connect with professionals in the field and gain insights from their experiences. This research has allowed me to stay updated and informed about the evolving nature of the IT industry.

4) In the event that I don’t get my first choice for my specialty track, software development would be my second choice. While IT/Helpdesk is my primary interest, software development offers a complementary skill set that can contribute to my overall career goals. The ability to code and develop software applications can enhance my technical proficiency and provide a broader understanding of technology as a whole. It would also open up opportunities for me to explore different aspects of technology and potentially work on more complex projects.

In conclusion, my first choice for my specialty track at Year Up is IT/Helpdesk due to my genuine fascination with technology and problem-solving mindset. I have gained relevant experience and certifications that make me qualified for this track. I am particularly interested in positions such as Technical Support Specialist, Network Administrator, or Systems Administrator. I have conducted extensive research on my own to stay informed about the IT/Helpdesk field. If I don’t get my first choice, software development would align with my career goals and provide added value to my skill set.

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