The project is about mobile trojans/malware “Trojanized Mobile Applications”, where it will be divided into two phases. First I will like to do Phase 1 and if I am satisfied then I will pay a higher amount for Phase 2. + Include diagrams, graphs, and tables. Content and context (5 marks) Proper references {Research papers, Articles, Books, White papers, …} (2 marks) Formatting (1 mark) -The submission deadline will be three days before the , the exact date will be provided soon. +Include proper references in your report. + Only a word document file is allowed to be submitted. Compressed or other file formats will not be entertained. + Submit your assignment on Moellim. Email submissions will not be entertained. + Your submitted file should have the file name of the format: “ips-proj-yourSAPid-yourName.doc” + . Plagiarized or copied submissions can get discredit. +  In case of copied submissions, we will not perform the investigation  about which one is the original source and which is the copy. All  matching submissions will be penalized equally. Protecting the  confidentiality of your report is your own responsibility.

The purpose of this project is to investigate the topic of mobile trojans or malware, specifically focusing on Trojanized Mobile Applications. The project will be divided into two phases, with Phase 1 being the initial investigation and Phase 2 being a more in-depth analysis.

In Phase 1, the goal is to provide an overview of the topic and gather relevant information. This can be done by conducting a literature review, which involves researching and analyzing research papers, articles, books, and white papers related to mobile trojans and Trojanized Mobile Applications. It is important to ensure that proper references are included in the report to support the information presented.

To enhance the clarity of the report, the use of diagrams, graphs, and tables is recommended. These visual aids can help to illustrate key concepts or data, making the information more accessible and understandable for the reader. Additionally, proper formatting is essential in presenting the content in a clear and organized manner. The report should follow a consistent structure, with sections and subheadings to guide the reader through the information.

The submission deadline for Phase 1 will be three days before the deadline, with the exact date to be provided soon. It is important to submit the assignment as a Word document file, as compressed or other file formats will not be accepted. The file should be named in the format “ips-proj-yourSAPid-yourName.doc” to ensure proper identification. Email submissions will not be entertained.

It is crucial to avoid plagiarism or copying from other sources. Any submissions found to be plagiarized or copied will be penalized, and the investigation will not be carried out to determine the original source. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the student to protect the confidentiality of their report and ensure that the work is original.

In conclusion, this project aims to explore the topic of mobile trojans and Trojanized Mobile Applications. Phase 1 will involve conducting a literature review, gathering relevant information, and presenting a report with proper references, diagrams, graphs, and tables. The submission should be in a Word document and adhere to the specified naming format. Plagiarized or copied submissions will be penalized, and the confidentiality of the report is the student’s responsibility.

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