The learning objective of this question is to illustrate the power of Java inheritance and polymorphism.  Your response to this question is in multiple parts.  You will submit your answers as specified at the end of this question. To help you get started and to guide your development efforts for this assignment we have provided scaffolding code. Download and unzip the BlueJ project . Study the code along with the description below. Edit the code and submit the completed BlueJ project. We have also provided a unit test file to help you check your code. Now, let us look at the question. Consider an array of integers as below: After completing and testing your solution, zip the BlueJ folder and submit it. Since your instructor will need all files in the project folder, make sure you zip the entire folder. For this question the names of the BlueJ project, Java class files, and the zip file you submit are given below:

The objective of this assignment is to demonstrate the power of Java inheritance and polymorphism through the implementation of a specific scenario. In order to complete this assignment, you will need to provide multiple parts of the solution. To aid in your development efforts, scaffolding code has been provided in a BlueJ project, which you should download and unzip.

The code provided includes a description of the scenario and the necessary classes to implement the solution. It is important that you carefully study this code and understand its structure and functionality. You will need to edit the code to complete the assignment.

In addition to the code, a unit test file has also been provided to help you verify that your implementation works correctly. You should use this test file to check your code before submitting your final solution.

Once you have completed and tested your solution, you should zip the entire BlueJ project folder and submit it. It is important to include all files in the project folder, as your instructor will need access to these to evaluate your work. The names of the BlueJ project, Java class files, and the zip file you submit are as follows:

– BlueJ project: [project_name]
– Java class files: [class_name]
– Zip file: [zip_file_name]

To summarize, for this assignment you will need to:
1. Download and unzip the provided BlueJ project.
2. Study the code and understand the description of the scenario.
3. Edit the code to complete the implementation.
4. Test your solution using the provided unit test file.
5. Zip the entire BlueJ project folder.
6. Submit the zipped folder to complete the assignment.

This assignment will provide you with valuable experience in working with Java inheritance and polymorphism. By completing this task, you will gain a deeper understanding of these concepts and how they can be applied in practical scenarios.

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