The ACM has its own and is under revision. Article explaining revisions: There is also the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice jointly approved by the  ACM and IEEE-CS as the standard for teaching and practicing software engineering:. For this class participation assignment,  you are to 1) Study the first 4 pages of the article on ACM revisions for draft 3, read up to section 2) Pick two of the changes  listed in section that you feel are either most important or difficult to achieve and relate them to the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice clauses, i.e., match them to its specific clauses. There may be more then one clause matching to one of these changes. Your write up to be submitted must include 1.  Briefly explain the two changes you have selected for discussion (0.5 pt). 2.  The rationale or arguments for the two changes,  why is it an important change or addition.(0.5 pt).

For this class participation assignment, we will study the first 4 pages of the article on ACM revisions for draft 3. Afterward, we will select two of the listed changes in section 2 that we believe are either the most important or the most difficult to achieve. Then, we will relate these changes to the clauses in the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice.

First, let us briefly explain the two changes we have selected for discussion:

Change 1: Enhanced Emphasis on Accountability and Transparency
This change aims to highlight the importance of accountability and transparency in software engineering practices. It emphasizes the need for professionals to take responsibility for their actions and decisions, as well as ensuring that stakeholders have access to relevant information. The revision seeks to promote the ethical duty of professionals to act in a transparent manner, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions.

Change 2: Inclusion of Ethical Considerations in Decision-Making
This change emphasizes the need to incorporate ethical considerations into the decision-making process in software engineering. It recognizes the potential impact of software on individuals, communities, and society as a whole. The revision seeks to ensure that professionals consider the broader ethical implications of their work, beyond technical considerations, and make decisions that align with ethical principles.

Next, let us discuss the rationale or arguments for these two changes, explaining why they are important additions:

Rationale for Change 1:
Enhancing accountability and transparency is crucial for maintaining trust between software engineers and stakeholders. The revision acknowledges that software systems often have significant societal consequences, such as privacy breaches or algorithmic biases. By emphasizing accountability, professionals are encouraged to consider the implications of their actions, take responsibility for any adverse outcomes, and provide transparent explanations for decisions made. This change can help prevent unethical practices and restore confidence in the profession.

Rationale for Change 2:
Incorporating ethical considerations into decision-making is essential because software can have far-reaching impacts on individuals and society. This revision recognizes that ethical dilemmas can arise throughout the software engineering process, from design to deployment. By explicitly including ethical considerations, professionals are prompted to critically evaluate the potential consequences of their actions and ensure that their decisions align with ethical principles. This change promotes the development of ethically responsible software and helps safeguard against potential harm.

In conclusion, the selected changes in the ACM revisions for draft 3, namely the enhanced emphasis on accountability and transparency, and the inclusion of ethical considerations in decision-making, are crucial additions to the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice. These changes recognize the societal impact of software engineering and aim to foster ethical behavior among professionals. By relating these changes to specific clauses in the Code, we can align the principles and values within the profession with the evolving ethical challenges in software engineering.

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