Paper Requirements: Group Task: -Pick an industry( ) for your overall ‘theme’ of your paper.  Based upon this theme, each group member will research two articles that discuss a data breach that has occurred to that industry.  In addition to the article research, the group is to then write a comprehensive paper on the various implementation issues that occur in trying to apply information security policies to the industry selected for the group assignment. Friday: -Pick an industry for the team to work on -Begin an initial search for information about the industry and writing an IT Infrastructure Security Policy -Determine the issues that will be discussed (1 topics per person) – pick topics from Chapter 10 -Create an outline for the paper – submitted Friday evening Saturday: -Review feedback on outline of paper and modify as necessary -Individually – pick one topic from Chapter 10 and write an IT Infrastructure Security Policy for that topic (example: workstation domain policies) Page Count = 4-6 pages per topic -Begin compiling all work into one document and submit for review – submitted Saturday afternoon late -Begin creating presentation Sunday: -Make any revisions noted by instructor to paper

Title: Implementation Issues of Information Security Policies in the (Selected Industry)

The objective of this paper is to examine the implementation issues that arise when applying information security policies to the (selected industry). To achieve this, each group member will research two articles that discuss data breaches in the selected industry. The findings from these articles will form the basis for analyzing the challenges faced in implementing information security policies in the industry.

Industry Selection:
The first step in our task is to choose an industry as the overall theme for our paper. While the specific industry would depend on the interests and preferences of the group, it is important to select an industry that has attracted substantial attention in terms of data breaches. Industries such as finance, healthcare, and retail are commonly known for experiencing data breaches, making them excellent choices for this task. It is crucial that the selected industry provides ample research material related to information security policies and implementation challenges.

Initial Search and IT Infrastructure Security Policy:
Once the industry has been chosen, the group should begin researching and gathering information about the selected industry. This research will help in understanding the specific security challenges faced by the industry and the corresponding policies that are required to mitigate those risks.

Simultaneously, the group should also begin crafting an IT infrastructure security policy. This policy will serve as a roadmap for implementing effective security measures within the infrastructure of the industry. Each group member should contribute to the policy by focusing on a specific topic, such as workstation domain policies or network access control.

Determining Issues and Creating an Outline:
During the initial search and research phase, the group should identify the key implementation issues that arise when applying information security policies to the selected industry. It is recommended to refer to Chapter 10 of our course material, as it provides a comprehensive overview of various implementation issues related to information security.

Based on the identified issues, the group should create an outline for the paper. The outline will provide a structured framework for organizing the information and arguments that will be presented in the final paper. The outline should include sections dedicated to each implementation issue, allowing for a coherent and logical flow of ideas.

Reviewing the Outline and Writing Individual IT Infrastructure Security Policies:
Once the initial outline is created, it should be reviewed and modified as necessary based on the feedback provided by the instructor. This step ensures that the overall structure and content of the paper align with the objectives of the assignment.

Next, each group member should individually select one topic from Chapter 10 and write an IT infrastructure security policy specific to that topic. The policies should be detailed and comprehensive, addressing the specific security concerns associated with the chosen topic. The page count requirement for each topic should range between 4-6 pages to provide a thorough analysis.

Compiling Work and Creating the Presentation:
After completing the individual policies, the group should compile all the work into one document for review. This document will serve as the basis for the comprehensive paper that examines the implementation issues of information security policies in the selected industry.

In addition to the written paper, it is important to create a presentation summarizing the key findings and recommendations. The presentation should highlight the major implementation challenges and propose effective strategies for addressing those challenges.

This paper aims to explore the implementation issues that arise when applying information security policies to the selected industry. By conducting a thorough analysis of data breaches in the chosen industry, the group will shed light on the challenges faced by organizations in upholding information security. The comprehensive paper and presentation will provide valuable insights into the effective implementation of information security policies in the selected industry.

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