In this step, you need to find out the questions “how” and “why” of AT&T’s problems. Start with reading what has been written about it. In your reading assignment this week, two of the references deal with AT&T’s problems are listed below. Use these as a start and to give you an overview of the issues AT&T faced. These articles, along with others you will find in your research and on the Web, should allow you to answer the “how” and “why” of the situation and their actions in handling it. Step 2 Use the available to complete a three- to five-page report on your research. Include the sections listed below as needed. Don’t forget to proof and fact-check your case study. If you are using quotes from sources or data from an unreliable source, you should attempt to find a better source or remove them. This is sometimes called establishing rigor. Make sure your case study is credible, transferable, verifiable, and dependable.

AT&T has faced numerous problems in recent years, leading to questions of how and why these issues arose and how the company has handled them. In order to answer these questions, it is important to conduct thorough research on the topic. Two articles that can provide a starting point for understanding AT&T’s problems are “The Rise and Fall of AT&T” by Neil Irwin and “AT&T’s Failed $39 Billion Merger: A Lesson in Leadership” by Adam Hartung.

In “The Rise and Fall of AT&T,” Irwin provides an overview of the challenges that AT&T has faced over time. He discusses the company’s monopoly position in the telecommunications industry and its subsequent breakup in 1984, which led to the formation of several regional Bell companies. According to Irwin, this breakup was intended to promote competition and innovation in the industry but did not achieve the desired results. He argues that AT&T’s management failed to adapt to the changing technological landscape and the rise of wireless communication, resulting in a loss of market share and revenue.

Hartung’s article, “AT&T’s Failed $39 Billion Merger: A Lesson in Leadership,” focuses on AT&T’s failed attempt to merge with T-Mobile in 2011. He argues that the company’s leadership made critical mistakes in pursuing the merger, including underestimating the regulatory challenges and overestimating the potential benefits of the deal. Hartung suggests that this failure reflects a lack of strategic vision and decision-making skills at the highest level of AT&T’s management.

In addition to these articles, it is crucial to consult other sources in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of AT&T’s problems. Further research can include analysis of financial reports, news articles, and industry reports. These sources can provide insights into the financial performance of the company, its competitive position in the telecommunications market, and any other relevant factors that may have contributed to its difficulties.

When preparing a case study on AT&T’s problems, it is essential to proofread and fact-check the report to ensure credibility. Using reliable sources and removing information from unreliable sources is crucial to establish rigor in the case study. It is also important to ensure that the case study is transferable, meaning that the findings can be applied to other similar situations. Verifiability is another aspect that should be addressed, ensuring that the information and data provided in the case study can be verified by others. Finally, the case study should be dependable, meaning that it provides a reliable and accurate depiction of AT&T’s problems and their handling.

In conclusion, conducting research to understand the “how” and “why” of AT&T’s problems requires an examination of various sources, including articles such as “The Rise and Fall of AT&T” and “AT&T’s Failed $39 Billion Merger: A Lesson in Leadership.” It is important to consider multiple perspectives, consult financial reports and industry analyses, and ensure the credibility, transferability, verifiability, and dependability of the case study.

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