Here is the final list you can use to work on your My Story PPT Presentation Project: File submitted as *.PPT or *.pptx Project delivery demonstrates normal flow of your story Includes full sentences narrative in Notes Pane (speaker notes) Audio Recording of the presentation is provided for all slides (check how does it look/sound when running as a slide show) Presentation has no misspellings or grammatical errors (review) Carefully planned and varied font and format used to enhance readability and content Used images and provided alt text Story Title as Header and Page number as Footer Animation and Transition included, Slide show duration is 3 to 5 minutes Used one or two of 3d models/icons/shapes/, Text/Smart Art Citation was provided utilizing one of the major style guides Credit generously provided for images or ideas borrowed from others Missed items will result in 5 to 10 point deductions, otherwise you can expect an A! I am looking forward to the presentation! 4/20 1. Remember few words & short sentences 2. take a look at what Microsoft Recommends: I like soccer, I’m studying business, I love to serve the community, I want to be able to help families financially.

The final list provided for the My Story PPT Presentation Project includes specific criteria that need to be met in order to achieve a high grade. The project file must be submitted as either a *.PPT or *.pptx file format. Additionally, the delivery of the project should demonstrate a normal flow of the story, allowing for a clear and cohesive narrative.

One important requirement is that the presentation should include full sentences in the Notes Pane, also known as speaker notes. These notes provide additional context and information for each slide, enhancing the overall understanding of the presentation.

Furthermore, it is required to provide an audio recording for all slides. This ensures that the presentation can be experienced as intended, allowing for both visual and auditory elements to be present. It is recommended to check how the audio recording looks and sounds when running the presentation as a slide show to ensure it is of high quality.

Attention should also be given to the quality of the writing in the presentation. There should be no misspellings or grammatical errors as these can detract from the professionalism and clarity of the project. It is advised to carefully review the text and make any necessary corrections before final submission.

The font and format used in the presentation should be carefully planned and varied to enhance both readability and content. This means selecting appropriate fonts and formatting options that are visually appealing and aid in conveying the message effectively.

In terms of visual elements, it is required to use images and provide alt text for accessibility purposes. Alt text is a description of the image that is read aloud by screen readers for visually impaired individuals. Additionally, the presentation should have a clear story title as a header and page numbers as a footer to provide navigation and organization.

Animation and transition effects should also be included in the presentation. These can help to engage the audience and provide a seamless flow between slides. It is important to consider the appropriateness and effectiveness of these effects in relation to the content being presented.

Furthermore, it is recommended to use one or two 3D models, icons, shapes, text, or smart art to enhance the visual appeal and engagement of the presentation. Additionally, proper citation should be provided using one of the major style guides to ensure academic integrity.

Lastly, it is important to give credit to any images or ideas borrowed from others. This demonstrates ethical conduct and respect for intellectual property. Failure to meet any of these criteria may result in point deductions, but if all requirements are met, a high grade can be expected.

Overall, the final list provides clear guidelines for creating a well-executed My Story PPT Presentation Project. Attention to detail and adherence to these guidelines will greatly contribute to the success of the presentation.

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