For this homework, I want you to take a template file I’ll provide that describes a series of functions you need to write.  Write those functions, testing them as you go, and once you are done you’ll have generated a cool program that translates a series of numbers into a pixelated picture.  Make sure you start with a downloaded copy of the template file, save it on your computers, and edit it as guided by the instructions in the comments.  Since we have less contact time this week, don’t hesitate to post requests for help. Here is a link to the template file: I suggest downloading it and saving a copy as “” and working with that copy. I gave this last quarter as an in class exercise and many people were able to complete it during our in class work time.  However, they did have me there as a resource so don’t panic if it doesn’t go that fast for you.  Please use the discussion forum to ask questions and be supportive of each other by providing good answers and suggestions.

Title: Generating a Pixelated Picture from Number Sequences


The task at hand involves writing a set of functions that will be used to translate a series of numbers into a pixelated picture. This assignment requires students to edit a provided template file, making modifications as instructed in the comments, and testing the functions as they are implemented. The resulting program, once completed, will allow users to generate unique pixelated images based on numerical input.


To begin, it is recommended to download the template file called “” and make a copy for editing purposes. Remember to save the file on your computer and modify it according to the instructions provided in the comments.

In order to successfully complete this assignment, the following steps should be followed:

1. Understanding the Template Functions:
– Carefully review the initial functions provided in the template file to gain an understanding of their purpose and functionality.
– Take note of the comments throughout the code as they will provide guidance on any necessary changes and additions to the functions.

2. Writing the Required Functions:
– Analyze the requirements described in the comments and begin writing the required functions accordingly.
– Each function should perform a specific task, such as generating a pixelated image, converting input into pixel color values, or determining the dimensions of an image.
– It is essential to thoroughly test each function as it is implemented to ensure proper functionality and identify any potential errors.

3. Troubleshooting and Debugging:
– In case of difficulties or questions, make use of the discussion forum to seek clarification or assistance from peers and the course instructor.
– Post any uncertainties or issues that arise during the process and be proactive in providing support to fellow students.

4. Completing the Program:
– Continue writing and testing the remaining functions until the program is fully operational and meets the requirements outlined in the comments.
– Ensure that the program successfully translates the input numerical sequence into a pixelated picture as specified.
– Pay attention to detail when implementing the functions to maintain code readability and efficiency.

5. Finalizing and Submission:
– Once the program is fully functioning, review the code to ensure it is well-documented, easy to understand, and follows standard programming practices.
– Save the completed program as a separate file, ready for submission according to the instructions provided by the course instructor.

Generating a pixelated picture from a series of numbers requires writing and testing a set of functions provided in the template file. By carefully following the instructions and seeking assistance when needed, it is possible to create a functioning program that translates numerical input into visually appealing pixelated images. The collaborative nature of the discussion forum allows for questions, suggestions, and support, enhancing the learning experience for all participants.

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