For this assignment you will be building 2 virtual machines in your Amazon AWS Account. These virtual machines will be used to complete the labs in the remaining course modules.   In order to complete the assignment follow the documents below.  Remember to take screenshots as indicated and upload the files requested. Please review the :  When the site asks for your “graduation” date, they mean “COLLEGE” graduation date, so put in a date sometime way in the future.   If you put in a date in the past, then AWS educate will deny you access to the classroom, and it cannot be reset. : The M03 AWS Build Lab document is rather brief and does not include step-by-step instructions. If you desired a document that is more step-by-step, . Your instructor recommends you download BOTH documents, and read them BEFORE beginning the build process. This is your chance to shine! A good IT person knows how to read documentation, follow steps, and denote in documents when they have completed EACH step.

Building virtual machines in your Amazon AWS Account is an essential task for completing the labs in the remaining course modules. To successfully complete this assignment, you will need to follow the provided documents and guidelines. Be sure to take screenshots as indicated and upload the requested files.

Before starting the build process, it is important to review the provided documents carefully. Pay special attention to the instructions regarding the “graduation” date. Make sure to input a future date for your college graduation. Note that if you enter a past date, it will result in denial of access to the AWS educate classroom, and the reset option is not available.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the M03 AWS Build Lab document is relatively brief and lacks step-by-step instructions. If you prefer a more detailed guide, you can download an alternate document. Your instructor recommends that you download both documents and read them thoroughly before embarking on the build process.

As an IT professional, this assignment presents an opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability to read and understand documentation, follow instructions accurately, and document your progress at every step. These skills are essential for success in the IT industry, as attention to detail is crucial.

When building the virtual machines, ensure that you follow each step carefully and accurately. It is advisable to take screenshots at relevant points during the process, as documentation of your actions is required. These screenshots will serve as evidence of your progress and will need to be uploaded as requested.

Additionally, be mindful of the specific requirements outlined in the assignment documents. Pay attention to any specific configurations or settings mentioned and make sure to implement them correctly. Following the guidelines meticulously will not only ensure your successful completion of the labs but also help you develop good practices as an IT professional.

Remember, this assignment is an opportunity for you to showcase your IT skills. It is crucial to approach it with a methodical and meticulous mindset. By following the provided documentation and being attentive to detail, you will successfully build the virtual machines, acquire valuable hands-on experience, and strengthen your understanding of Amazon AWS services.

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