DUE 3/17/19   9P.M EST BE ON TIME AND ORIGINAL WORK!! HAVE SPSS AND READ DIRECTIONS!! DATA IS ATTACHED AND STEP BY STEP GUIDE IS ATTACHED Two-way ANOVA enables researchers to study the effects of a variable upon two independent variables at multiple levels. Researchers might wish to compare the exercise habits (represented by number of steps taken per month) of individuals, based on their gender and education. Two categories of gender and three education levels may be assessed. Two-way ANOVA can account for the effects of these groups, independently, on the number of steps taken each month. It can also help to determine whether interaction exists. For this Assignment, you use two-way ANOVA with interaction. Be sure to complete all of the parts of the assignment listed below. As this is an ANOVA, you also use multiple comparisons to determine for which factors the differences are significant. Also, to avoid additional type 1 errors, you must use Tukey, one of a number of possible methods to adjust for your multiple comparisons. The Assignment 1. 2. 3. 4.

Two-way ANOVA is a statistical analysis method that allows researchers to examine the effects of two independent variables on a dependent variable at multiple levels. In this case, the researchers are interested in comparing the exercise habits of individuals based on their gender and education. The variables being assessed are gender, with two categories (male and female), and education level, with three categories (high school, college, and postgraduate).

The purpose of conducting a two-way ANOVA is to determine if there are significant differences in the number of steps taken per month among the different gender and education groups. Additionally, the analysis can determine whether there is an interaction effect, meaning that the relationship between gender and education is not simply additive.

To complete this Assignment, you will need to perform a two-way ANOVA with interaction using the provided data. It is crucial to follow the step-by-step guide and make sure you have SPSS software to perform the analysis. The provided data will contain information on the number of steps taken per month for individuals, as well as their gender and education level.

In addition to conducting the ANOVA, you will also need to perform multiple comparisons to determine which factors have statistically significant differences. To control for type 1 errors, you will use the Tukey method, which is one of several available options for adjusting for multiple comparisons.

Please note that in order to complete this assignment successfully, it is essential to carefully follow each part of the task instructions. This includes conducting the ANOVA and multiple comparisons, as well as interpreting the results appropriately.

In summary, the purpose of this Assignment is to apply a two-way ANOVA with interaction to examine the effects of gender and education on exercise habits. By analyzing the data and conducting multiple comparisons, you will determine if there are significant differences among the different groups. The Tukey method will be used to control for type 1 errors and make accurate statistical comparisons.

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