Discussion Points 1. Some virtual teams at Boeing have discussions focused on military aircraft. Do some Internet research on UC security mechanisms and identify and briefly describe several that Boeing should have in place to ensure the privacy and integrity of such discussions. 2. To what extent do the UC benefits experienced by Boeing mirror those of other firms that have deployed UC capabilities over converged IP networks? 3. To date, Boeing has not implemented the full range of capabilities available through UC systems. If you were the CIO at Boeing, what additional UC capabilities would you implement? What benefits would you expect Boeing to derive from deploying these capabilities? Sources [MICR10] Microsoft Case Studies. “Boeing Expects to Lower Costs and Improve Productivity with Messaging Solution.” March 16, 2010. Retrieved online at: http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/Case_Study_Detail.aspx?casestudyid =4000006703. [MICR11] Microsoft Case Studies. “Boeing Promotes Knowledge Sharing for Global Workforce with Communications Solution.” April 29, 2011. Retrieved online at: http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/Microsoft-Lync-Server2010/Boeing/Boeing-Promotes-Knowledge-Sharing-for-Global-Workforcewith-Communications-Solution/4000009654. [REED08] Reed, B. “AT&T snags big Boeing voice/data contract.” NetworkWorld. August 12, 2008. Retrieved online at: http://www.networkworld.com/news/2008/081208-boeing-att-contract.html

1. Security Mechanisms for UC Discussions on Military Aircraft

When it comes to discussions focused on military aircraft, it is crucial for Boeing to have robust security mechanisms in place to ensure the privacy and integrity of these discussions. UC (Unified Communications) systems are used to facilitate such discussions, and several security measures should be implemented to protect sensitive information. Below are some key security mechanisms that Boeing should have in place:

a. Encryption: One of the primary security measures for UC discussions is the use of encryption. Encryption can protect the contents of the discussions by encoding the information in such a way that it can only be decoded by authorized users with the proper decryption keys. This ensures that even if the discussions are intercepted, the information remains secure.

b. Access Control: Boeing should implement strict access control mechanisms to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to the discussions. This can be achieved through the use of strong authentication methods such as username and password combinations, two-factor authentication, or even biometric authentication. Access control can help prevent unauthorized individuals from joining the discussions and accessing sensitive information.

c. Secure Network Infrastructure: Boeing should have a secure network infrastructure in place to protect the UC discussions. This can include firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other network security measures to prevent unauthorized access, malware, and other potential threats. The network infrastructure should be regularly updated and monitored to detect and respond to any security incidents promptly.

d. Secure Collaboration Tools: Boeing should use secure collaboration tools specifically designed for UC discussions on sensitive topics. These tools should have built-in security features, such as end-to-end encryption, secure file sharing, and secure messaging capabilities. Using specialized collaboration tools can further enhance the security of the discussions.

e. Security Policies and Training: Boeing should have well-defined security policies in place that outline the expected behaviors and actions regarding UC discussions on military aircraft. Additionally, regular training should be provided to employees to ensure they are familiar with the security measures and understand their responsibilities in maintaining the privacy and integrity of the discussions.

Overall, implementing these security mechanisms can help Boeing protect the privacy and integrity of UC discussions focused on military aircraft. By having strong encryption, access control, secure network infrastructure, collaboration tools, and clear security policies, Boeing can ensure that sensitive information is safeguarded and only accessible to authorized individuals.

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