A wiki is a collaborative web site that collects and organizes content, created and revised by its users. The most well-known example is Wikipedia. Wikis are a way to grow a knowledge base around a particular content area, be it best practices in a particular field or how to use a specific piece of hardware/software. A hallmark of Web 2.0 is that it improves as more people use it and this approach underlies wiki-based learning. It is based on the idea that within any enterprise, a great deal of knowledge exists among the members. Sharing this knowledge and information can raise the organization’s intelligence level, be it a university, an association, a corporation or club. Move forward and to this i page Assignment. (The tittle above is hyperlink, please click it ). Requirements: 1. Each student will create a new W entry from peer-reviewed articles that pertains to this week’s assigned reading:  Product Design and Process Selection 2. Provide a substantive comment(s) on an existing entry posted by at least two other classmates. 3. Follow APA guidelines to post and reference all articles used in the Wiki Post.

Within the realm of Web 2.0, wikis have emerged as a popular tool for collaborative knowledge creation and sharing. A wiki is a web site that allows for the collective creation and editing of content by its users. Wikipedia, the widely-known online encyclopedia, is a prime example of a wiki. However, wikis can be used for various purposes, including building knowledge bases in specific domains, such as best practices in a particular field or instructions on how to use a specific piece of hardware/software.

One of the fundamental principles of Web 2.0 is that the value of a platform increases as more people use it. This concept is at the core of wiki-based learning. The underlying idea is that within any organization or community, there is a wealth of knowledge and expertise dispersed among its members. By creating a wiki and encouraging collaboration and contribution from individuals, this collective intelligence can be harnessed to benefit the entire community. This approach applies not only to educational institutions like universities but also to associations, corporations, and clubs.

Now let us delve into the requirements of the assignment. Each student is expected to create a new entry on the wiki using peer-reviewed articles that are relevant to the assigned reading for this week, which focuses on Product Design and Process Selection. This task involves sourcing and summarizing peer-reviewed articles that provide insights and advancements in this subject area. The aim is to expand the knowledge base of the wiki and make it a valuable resource for the entire class.

Additionally, students are required to engage in discussion and provide substantive comments on existing entries posted by at least two other classmates. This requirement encourages critical thinking and collaboration among students, as they can exchange ideas and thoughts on the topics covered in the wiki. By engaging in dialogue and offering constructive feedback, students can deepen their understanding of the subject matter and expand their perspectives through interaction with their peers.

As for the referencing guidelines, students are expected to follow the guidelines set out by the American Psychological Association (APA). This means that all articles used in the wiki post should be properly referenced using the appropriate APA citation format. This ensures that the sources of information are properly acknowledged and that the wiki remains a credible and reliable resource.

In summary, the assignment requires students to contribute to a wiki by creating a new entry based on peer-reviewed articles related to the assigned reading. They must also provide substantive comments on existing entries by their classmates and adhere to APA guidelines for referencing. By engaging in this collaborative learning process, students can contribute to the growth of the knowledge base and foster a culture of active participation and shared intelligence within the class.

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