a 350- to 500-word paper on how to install Windows Server 2012 on the servers at Wadley, Inc. Also, cover how to install Active Directory and how it functions. Explain the schema and global catalog. Outline the creation of users, organizational units, and security groups for all company departments. Use APA formatting. Your Learning Team has been hired to set up several servers for a new network using Windows Server 2012. The company, Wadley, Inc., is a front runner in holiday sales of gift baskets. They have 50 full time employees: 5 executives, 10 office staff, 10 call center personnel, and 25 gift packers. During the holiday seasons, they could have another 25-35 employees working in the call center or packaging gifts. In addition Wadley, Inc., has three retail stores in the city with 5-10 employees in each location. The company wants a secure network with Active Directory . They also have other software (call center, accounting, inventory, etc.) that needs to reside on the servers. Purchase the answer to view it

Title: Installation of Windows Server 2012 and Active Directory Implementation at Wadley, Inc.

This paper provides a comprehensive guide to installing Windows Server 2012 on the servers at Wadley, Inc. Additionally, it covers the installation and functioning of Active Directory, explaining the concepts of schema and global catalog. Furthermore, it outlines the creation of users, organizational units, and security groups for all company departments, based on the specific requirements of Wadley, Inc.

Installation of Windows Server 2012:
To install Windows Server 2012 on the servers at Wadley, Inc., the following steps should be followed:

1. Hardware Requirements:
A thorough evaluation of the hardware infrastructure is necessary to ensure it meets the minimum requirements for Windows Server 2012 installation. These specifications include processor speed, RAM, disk space, and network capabilities.

2. Installation Medium:
Acquiring a licensed copy of Windows Server 2012 installation media is imperative. This may involve purchasing the software or obtaining it through licensing agreements with Microsoft.

3. Installation Process:
The installation process begins by booting the server from the installation media. The appropriate options and configurations can be selected using the graphical user interface (GUI) or Command Line Interface (CLI), depending on user preference and expertise.

4. Configuration and Post-installation:
After the installation, important configurations must be performed, including setting the hostname, configuring network settings, and applying necessary security measures. The installation of any specific software applications required by Wadley, Inc., such as call center, accounting, inventory, etc., should also be completed at this stage.

Implementation of Active Directory:
Active Directory serves as a crucial component for network management and security at Wadley, Inc. The following steps outline the implementation process:

1. Domain Controller Installation:
Designating a server to function as the primary domain controller is necessary. The server should meet the hardware requirements specified by Microsoft for running Active Directory.

2. Forest and Domain Creation:
Creating a forest involves establishing a root domain. Each department within Wadley, Inc. can be allocated separate domains within the forest, facilitating ease of management and security administration.

3. Schema and Global Catalog:
The schema acts as a blueprint that defines the structure of objects within Active Directory. The global catalog contains a partial replica of all objects within the forest and facilitates cross-domain searches. Understanding the concepts of schema and global catalog is crucial for efficient management and retrieval of information within Active Directory.

Creation of Users, Organizational Units, and Security Groups:
Creating users, organizational units (OU), and security groups is crucial for organizing and securing resources within Active Directory.

1. Users:
User accounts should be created for each employee within the company, including executives, office staff, call center personnel, gift packers, and retail store employees. These accounts should include pertinent information such as username, password, group memberships, and email addresses.

2. Organizational Units:
OU creation allows for the organization of users and other resources within Active Directory, simplifying the implementation of Group Policies and facilitating delegation of administrative rights.

3. Security Groups:
Security groups provide a means to control access to resources based on user membership. Different security groups should be created for each department within Wadley, Inc., allowing for fine-grained control over resource permissions.

This paper has provided a comprehensive guide for installing Windows Server 2012 on the servers at Wadley, Inc. Furthermore, it has discussed the implementation of Active Directory, explaining the concepts of schema, global catalog, and the creation of users, organizational units, and security groups. By following the outlined steps, Wadley, Inc. can establish a secure network infrastructure with efficient user management and optimal resource allocation.

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