250 words+ As manager of networks and computing operations for Fashion Land, a retailer of women’s clothing and accessories, you have seen the business grow from seven stores in Kansas City to over 100 stores located throughout the Midwest. Fashion Land’s marketing research team realizes that the majority of its target customer group—females between the ages of 13 and 35—are regular users of the Web. The researchers have asked you for help in developing an electronic commerce initiative for Fashion Land. Alone, or in a team assigned by your instructor, do the following: a. Outline a business strategy for Fashion Land’s online business initiative. The outline should include a list of specific objectives and the costs and benefits of accomplishing each objective. The outline should also include recommendations regarding what to outsource and what staff should be hired. b. Prepare a memo that lists and briefly describes the major hardware, software, security, payment processing, advertising, international, legal, and ethical issues that might arise in the development of this electronic commerce site..

Manager of Networks and Computing Operations,
Fashion Land,
Kansas City

Subject: Developing an Electronic Commerce Initiative for Fashion Land

As Fashion Land continues to expand its retail presence throughout the Midwest, it is imperative to capitalize on the growing trend of online shopping among our target customer group, females between the ages of 13 and 35. To maximize profitability and customer outreach, the development of an effective electronic commerce (e-commerce) initiative is crucial. This memo aims to provide an outline of the business strategy for Fashion Land’s online business initiative, along with a discussion of the major issues that may arise during its development.

Business Strategy Outline:
Objective 1: Increase online sales by 30% within the first year.
Costs: Investment in e-commerce website development, payment processing system, and digital marketing campaign.
Benefits: Expanded customer reach, convenience for target customers, and potential for increased revenue.

Objective 2: Enhance customer engagement and satisfaction through personalized online shopping experiences.
Costs: Hiring a team of web developers to ensure a user-friendly interface and personalized product recommendations.
Benefits: Higher customer loyalty, increased online sales conversion rates, and positive brand image.

Objective 3: Establish strong cybersecurity measures to protect customer data and maintain trust.
Costs: Investment in advanced security software, regular vulnerability assessments, and staff training.
Benefits: Enhanced customer trust, reduced risk of data breaches, and compliance with legal requirements.

Objective 4: Expand international market presence through cross-border shipping and localized marketing strategies.
Costs: Partnership with international shipping carriers, translation services, and culturally tailored advertising campaigns.
Benefits: Access to new customer segments, increased brand awareness, and potential revenue growth.

Outsourcing: It is recommended to outsource the development and maintenance of the e-commerce website to a reputable web development agency with expertise in delivering secure and user-friendly online platforms.

Hiring: Fashion Land should consider hiring a dedicated e-commerce manager who can oversee the online operations, coordinate with various stakeholders, and analyze performance metrics. Additionally, the company may require additional staff for customer support, order fulfillment, and digital marketing.

Major Issues:
Hardware: Determining the server requirements, scalability, and backup solutions to handle the anticipated web traffic and secure online transactions.

Software: Selecting a robust e-commerce platform with features such as inventory management, customer relationship management, and integration with existing systems.

Security: Implementing secure socket layer (SSL) encryption, firewall protection, and regular security audits to safeguard customer data and prevent unauthorized access.

Payment Processing: Ensuring compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and selecting reputable payment gateways to facilitate secure online transactions.

Advertising: Developing digital marketing strategies to drive traffic to the e-commerce site, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media advertising, and email marketing.

International: Addressing legal and logistical challenges related to customs regulations, taxation, and shipping logistics while expanding into international markets.

Legal and Ethical: Compliance with relevant laws and regulations, including privacy laws, intellectual property rights, and data protection regulations. Additionally, ethical considerations regarding transparency, fair pricing, and truthful product representation should be paramount.

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