Your software company was invited to provide a proposal for a company in Australia. You currently have the cost in US dollars and need to convert the prices to the Australian dollar. a 2-part program using Ruby, Java®, or Python. Write a function to gather the following costs from the user (Validation codes for User input checking are required): Write a function to convert the costs from United States dollar (USD) to Australian dollar (AUD). : Look up the current USD to AUD exchange rate to use in your function. the program 3 times by providing different costs in USD. the code and take a screenshot of the output, then paste the screenshot(s) into a Microsoft® Word document. a half-page response in the same Microsoft® Word document to address the following: the readings for this week from or the Pluralsight videos if you have additional questions on deploying Ruby applications. your document. Purchase the answer to view it Purchase the answer to view it Purchase the answer to view it

Title: Software Proposal Cost Conversion: USD to AUD

In international business dealings, it is often necessary to convert prices from one currency to another. This task becomes crucial when preparing a software proposal for a company in Australia and the costs are currently in United States dollars (USD). This paper explores the process of converting USD prices to Australian dollars (AUD) using a 2-part program written in Ruby, Java, or Python. The program will gather costs from the user, validate the inputs, and perform the currency conversion using the current exchange rate. The output will be presented in AUD format. The overall objective is to provide an accurate pricing proposal to the Australian company.

To accomplish the task at hand, a 2-part program will be designed. The first function will gather the costs from the user and validate the input using a set of defined validation codes. The second function will convert the gathered costs from USD to AUD using the current exchange rate. The program will be executed three times, each time with different costs inputted in USD. The output will be generated and screenshots of the program output will be captured for inclusion in a Microsoft Word document.

Part 1: Gathering Costs and Validating Inputs:
The first function of the program will prompt the user to enter the costs in USD. It will then validate the input using a set of validation codes. The validation codes will ensure that the user enters a valid numerical value for the cost. The program will display an error message if the input does not meet the validation criteria. Once the validation process is complete, the function will store the validated cost for further processing.

Part 2: Conversion of USD to AUD:
The second function of the program will convert the gathered USD costs to AUD. To accomplish this conversion, the program will utilize the current USD to AUD exchange rate. Before executing the conversion, it is essential to obtain the current exchange rate. The program will fetch the exchange rate from a reliable source, such as a financial institution or a reputable currency conversion website. Once the exchange rate is acquired, the program will apply it to each USD cost provided by the user. The resulting amount will represent the cost in AUD.

Execution and Documentation:
The program will be executed three times, with three different sets of costs provided in USD. The output will be captured through screenshots, which will be pasted into a Microsoft Word document. Each screenshot will clearly display the USD costs, the corresponding AUD conversions, and the exchange rate used for the conversion.

Analysis and Conclusion:
Upon completing the program, a half-page response will be provided to address several key points. First, it will discuss any challenges encountered during the development and execution of the program. Second, it will highlight the significance of using accurate and up-to-date exchange rates to ensure precision in the conversion process. Finally, it will reflect on the readings from this week or the Pluralsight videos, utilizing the gained knowledge to deploy Ruby applications effectively.

In summary, this assignment addresses the need to convert USD costs to AUD for a software proposal. Through a 2-part program, costs will be gathered, validated, and converted using the current exchange rate. The output will be recorded in a Microsoft Word document, accompanied by an analysis of the process and reflections on relevant course materials.

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