your design document and update your existing website to integrate changes based on instructor feedback. your website to include a simple web form as discussed in your design document. Use JavaScript to validate the form contents and display the results of that validation to the user in a popup window. the completed website as a compressed zip file. This is the teachers feedback Your written portion describes your intention for your site quite well. Your inclusion of the added images offers a very nice interaction to your site pages. The additional pages of your site, your navigation menu and links, and your CSS, all add to a quality working website. I also like your idea of the website, itself. Your site exhibits consistency upon the site pages. Your idea of having a simple layout is very effective for the site. I would like to have seen some inclusion of what we have been reading and learning throughout the week within your written portion, along with some APA citations added in a resource section. Other than that, your site is very clean and neat, and meets the target audience that you describe. I look forward to seeing more of your site develop. Keep up the great work!

Based on the instructor’s feedback, there are several areas where improvements can be made to the existing website. One of the suggested changes is to include a simple web form discussed in the design document. This web form can be used to gather information from users and submit it for further processing or display. In order to enhance user experience and ensure data integrity, JavaScript can be used to validate the form contents. By implementing validation rules, such as checking for required fields, validating email addresses, or enforcing specific format for inputs, errors can be caught and displayed to the user in a popup window.

In terms of the overall website design, the instructor has praised the inclusion of added images, which contributes to a more engaging user experience. Additionally, the creation of multiple pages, a navigation menu, and CSS styling has been acknowledged as elements that enhance the overall quality of the website. Consistency has been noted positively, suggesting that the design and layout of the site are well-maintained across different pages.

One area of improvement that the instructor highlighted is the need to include content related to the topics covered throughout the week’s readings and learning materials. This would not only provide a deeper understanding of the subject matter but also demonstrate the integration of theoretical knowledge into the practical implementation of the website. Furthermore, the inclusion of APA citations in a resource section can strengthen the credibility and academic aspect of the written portion.

In summary, the existing website should be updated to include a web form with JavaScript validation. The inclusion of images, multiple pages, navigation menu, and CSS styling has been praised, suggesting a good foundation. However, incorporating content related to the week’s readings and learning materials, along with APA citations, will enrich the written portion and demonstrate academic rigor. Overall, these changes will further enhance the functionality, user experience, and academic integrity of the website.

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