Your application must include at least three tabs. The user will choose wood flooring or carpet, enter the length and width of the floor, as well as the customer name and address. The application will compute the area of the floor and the cost of the flooring considering that wood floor is $20 per square foot and carpet is $10 per square foot. A summary should be displayed, either in a tab or another window, listing the customer name and address, floor selection, area, and cost. This information should also be stored in the MySQL database table. The program should validate that all information is entered and that the length and width are numeric values. Any numeric or currency values must be formatted appropriately when output. Recommendations for the components used for input are The MySQL database table is called flooring and has the following description. In addition to entering new customer orders, your application should list all customer orders stored in the database. These will be viewed as a list, in a text area, and will not be updated by the user.

To develop the required application, we will need to incorporate various components and functionalities. It is essential to design an intuitive user interface that allows the user to input the necessary information, such as flooring choice, dimensions, customer name, and address. Additionally, we should validate the input data, compute the area and cost based on the chosen flooring type, and display a summary of the customer’s order.

The application should consist of at least three tabs, as mentioned. One tab will be used for inputting customer information, another for selecting the flooring type, and the third to display the summary of orders stored in the database.

It is recommended to use MySQL as the database management system to store and retrieve customer order information. The database table, called “flooring”, should be properly created with appropriate fields to store customer name, address, flooring selection, area, and cost.

In terms of validation, the application should ensure that all required information is entered by the user before processing the input. Additionally, it should validate that the length and width inputs are numeric values.

To calculate the area of the floor, we will multiply the length and width provided by the user. Based on the flooring type selected, we will determine the cost per square foot. For wood flooring, the cost will be $20 per square foot, and for carpet, it will be $10 per square foot. The total cost will then be calculated by multiplying the area by the cost per square foot.

To display the summary, you can choose to either present it in a separate tab or in another window. The summary should include the customer’s name and address, the chosen flooring type, the computed area, and the total cost. It is crucial to format any numeric or currency values appropriately to ensure readability.

Once the summary is displayed to the user, it should also be stored in the “flooring” table in the MySQL database. This will ensure that all customer orders are retained and can be accessed for future reference.

Furthermore, the application should provide functionality to list all customer orders stored in the database. This list can be presented as a text area, where users can view the orders without being able to modify them.

By implementing these key components and functionalities, the application will effectively meet the required specifications. It will allow users to input their desired flooring type, dimensions, and customer details, while providing a summary of the order and storing the information in the MySQL database. The application will also enable users to view a list of all customer orders stored in the database.

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