You will complete several steps for this assignment. You will become familiar with an assessment tool (AChecker) to examine Web accessibility for a couple Web sites. This is a freely available tool that you can learn about by reviewing the tutorial found . Select two Web sites that are somewhat similar in functionality. Find one that you think is good and one that you thing is bad. Whether or not the Web site is good or bad is based upon your own personal perspective. Examine the Web sites regarding your suggestions as to how they might be improved. Create a PowerPoint presentation that includes 10-12 slides with voice recording that presents your recommended improvements. Discuss the good and bad factors of each Web site. Discuss how a sample task is supported on each of the Web sites. Describe how the Web site can be redesigned or revised to achieve better results. The requirements for the presentation are as follows: Be sure to consider the following: Screenshots may be used in your slides to support your explanations. Remember, your presentation must include both the slides and the audio to present the content. Use AChecker, research literature, and your textbook to support your redesign or revision recommendations.

In this assignment, we will be using the AChecker assessment tool to examine the web accessibility of two websites. AChecker is a freely available tool that can be used to evaluate the accessibility of web content based on various accessibility standards and guidelines. Before we begin, it is important to note that the evaluation of whether a website is good or bad in terms of accessibility is subjective and based on personal perspective.

To start, we need to select two websites that are somewhat similar in functionality. One of these websites should be considered good in terms of accessibility, while the other should be considered bad. The criteria for determining the goodness or badness of a website should align with our own perspective.

Once we have selected our websites, we will examine them to identify areas for improvement. We will use our knowledge and the insights gained from using AChecker to analyze the web accessibility of these sites. We should consider both the good and bad factors of each website and discuss how a sample task is supported on each of them.

Using screenshots in our PowerPoint presentation will be helpful in visually demonstrating the areas where the websites can be improved. We must ensure that our presentation includes both the slides and audio to effectively communicate our content.

As we work towards recommending improvements for the websites, it is crucial to ground our suggestions in research literature and our textbook. We must utilize relevant studies and resources to support our redesign or revision recommendations. The goal is to provide evidence-based suggestions that can enhance the accessibility of the websites being evaluated.

In order to achieve better results, we may need to consider a range of factors such as color contrast, font sizes, alternative text for images, keyboard accessibility, and navigational structure. These aspects will contribute to improving the overall accessibility of the websites. Our recommendations should not only identify the areas that need improvement but also provide practical solutions for addressing those issues.

In conclusion, this assignment requires us to become familiar with the AChecker assessment tool and use it to examine the web accessibility of two websites. We will create a PowerPoint presentation with audio recordings that present our recommended improvements for these websites. By considering both the good and bad factors of each website, we will provide a comprehensive analysis and suggest specific changes that will enhance their accessibility. Our recommendations should be supported by research literature and our textbook to ensure the credibility and effectiveness of our suggestions.

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