You have been asked to create a PowerPoint presentation designed to help new students identify the many new and exciting options for student success and COMP program focus at AIU. For example, the Virtual Campus has important features to enhance a student’s learning experience. This includes student resources, instant messaging, Live Chat, intellipath, e-mail, and announcements. You will create a PowerPoint presentation that provides new students with a visual walk-through of the many AIU success and technology options. Not only should you describe them; you should explain when and why you might use each one of these items in the virtual classroom environment. Indicate to your schoolmates the advantages of each resource and provide a recommendation for how often you might check or use each of these features. Be sure to use the in PowerPoint to provide your general presentation script for each slide. At a minimum, the following sections should be addressed for this project: Your PowerPoint presentation should contain the minimum slides listed below and include your presentation script (what you plan to say about the information shown on the slide) for each slide in the : At a minimum, your final product should reflect that you have mastered the following: You are

Creating a PowerPoint presentation that provides new students with an overview of the various options for student success and COMP program focus at AIU. The aim is to guide the students in understanding and utilizing the different resources available to them and explaining when and why they might use each one in the virtual classroom environment.

The first section of the presentation will focus on the Virtual Campus and its features. It is important to highlight the advantages of these features and recommend how often they should be used. The features to be discussed include student resources, instant messaging, Live Chat, intellipath, e-mail, and announcements.

Student resources are a valuable tool for academic success. They provide access to textbooks, articles, and other resources that can enhance learning. These resources should be checked regularly, especially when completing assignments or studying for exams.

Instant messaging is a convenient way to communicate with fellow students and faculty. It allows for quick and direct communication, making it ideal for requesting clarification on assignments, discussing group projects, or seeking assistance from professors. It is recommended to check instant messages at least once a day to stay connected and address any urgent matters.

Live Chat is another communication tool that facilitates real-time conversations. It can be used to participate in virtual class discussions or engage in group collaboration. Checking Live Chat regularly during scheduled class discussions or project meetings is recommended to stay actively involved in the virtual classroom.

Intellipath is an adaptive learning system that personalizes the learning experience. It assesses individual strengths and weaknesses and tailors the coursework accordingly. It is important to regularly check and engage with Intellipath as it provides customized learning paths and additional resources based on individual needs.

E-mail is a formal communication channel that is widely used in academic settings. It is suitable for sending more detailed messages, discussing academic matters with professors, requesting extensions, or organizing group work. Checking e-mails daily and responding in a timely manner is important for effective communication.

Announcements are an essential source of information from the university and instructors. They provide updates on class schedules, assignment deadlines, and other important information. It is recommended to check announcements regularly to stay informed and avoid missing out on any crucial information.

In summary, the Virtual Campus offers a range of features and resources for student success. By utilizing student resources, instant messaging, Live Chat, intellipath, e-mail, and announcements, students can enhance their learning experience, collaborate effectively, and stay informed. It is important to regularly check and utilize these resources to make the most of the virtual classroom environment.

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