You are ready to prepare the final version of the EDMS business requirements document (BRD) incorporating the assignments you completed and faculty feedback provided for Weeks 1–5. You will present your BRD to the Board of Directors for Hollywood Organic Co-op. Write at least 4 to 6 pages for the final business requirements document for the new EDMS and prepare an 8- to 10-slide media-rich presentation summary of the BRD to the Hollywood Organic Co-op’s Board of Directors. Analyze the critical components of your information security program as it relates to Hollywood Organic Co-op. Justify how the security objectives for the EDMS align with the business objectives. Identify and describe document access controls and best practices, including: Viewing Editing Copy/paste (including screen capture) Printing Forwarding e-­mail containing secured e­-documents Identify, define, and describe document access policies and best practices including: Text documents Spreadsheets Financial statements E-mail messages Policy and procedure manuals Research Customer and project data Personnel files Medical records Intranet pages Other sensitive information Identify, define, and describe all stages of the document life cycle and best practices including: Creation Storage Categorizing Metadata tagging Delivery or sharing Repurposing Review and reporting archiving and/or destruction Format citations according to APA guidelines.

Title: Critical Components of Information Security Program for Hollywood Organic Co-op

In today’s digital age, organizations are heavily reliant on electronic document management systems (EDMS) to efficiently store, manage, and secure their vast amount of information. For the Hollywood Organic Co-op, implementing an EDMS is crucial to enhance operational efficiency, streamline document access, and ensure the security of its sensitive business information. This business requirements document (BRD) aims to analyze the critical components of the information security program for the EDMS, aligning the security objectives with the overarching business objectives of the Co-op.

Alignment of Security Objectives with Business Objectives

To effectively justify the importance of security objectives for the EDMS, it is essential to identify how they align with the business objectives of the Hollywood Organic Co-op. The business objectives may include ensuring data privacy, meeting regulatory compliance, safeguarding intellectual property, and maintaining the integrity of operations. The security objectives for the EDMS should be designed to support these business objectives.

Document Access Controls and Best Practices

The EDMS must implement robust access controls to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the Co-op’s electronic documents. Various access controls should be considered based on different document types and their corresponding sensitivity levels. The access controls should include:

1. Viewing: Access controls should restrict document viewing to authorized individuals only. Role-based access control (RBAC) can be employed to grant or deny access based on an individual’s job responsibilities and clearance level.

2. Editing: Editing access should be limited to individuals who require it for their assigned tasks. This access control ensures that only authorized personnel can modify the content of the documents.

3. Copy/Paste (including screen capture): The ability to copy, paste, or take screenshots of secured documents should be restricted to prevent unauthorized duplication and dissemination of sensitive information.

4. Printing: Document printing functionality should be controlled and restricted to authorized personnel. This control prevents unauthorized hard copies from being generated and potentially leaked.

5. Forwarding email containing secured e-documents: To protect sensitive information, forwarding of emails containing secured e-documents should be regulated. This control helps prevent the unauthorized transmission of sensitive Co-op information via email.

Document Access Policies and Best Practices

In addition to access controls, the adoption of document access policies is crucial for effectively managing document security. Access policies outline rules and guidelines for handling different types of documents based on their content, nature, and sensitivity. Best practices for document access policies include:

1. Text documents: Access policies should include guidelines for the protection of text documents, such as limiting access to authorized personnel and requiring strong passwords for access.

2. Spreadsheets: Similar to text documents, access policies for spreadsheets should restrict access to authorized individuals and employ appropriate encryption techniques for sensitive data.

3. Financial statements: Access to financial statements should be restricted to authorized finance personnel, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of financial information.

4. E-mail messages: Policies regarding email message access must implement secure login mechanisms and encryption techniques to prevent unauthorized access and protect the confidentiality of email communication.

5. Policy and procedure manuals: Access to policy and procedure manuals should be limited to authorized personnel only, ensuring that internal guidelines and processes remain confidential and only accessible to those who require them for operational purposes.


As Hollywood Organic Co-op plans to implement an EDMS, it is critical to assess and address the information security program’s critical components. Alignment of security objectives with business objectives, implementation of document access controls and best practices, and adoption of document access policies will ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the Co-op’s electronic documents. By implementing these measures, the Co-op can safeguard its sensitive information, comply with regulatory requirements, and maintain the trust of its stakeholders.

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