You are in a very exciting time of your life! You have decided to start a new business. This business will service small businesses in your community. You have hired two individuals. One is a computer administrator and the other is a network administrator. Your services will include computer system setup and configuration along with network implementation and troubleshooting. You have a small store-front in the neighborhood strip mall. Research computer systems on the Internet. You can also investigate other equipment you feel would be necessary. Essentially, you need to identify all the equipment that you will need to set up your new business. Prepare 2-3 pages of content in a Word document describing the equipment that you have selected. Answer the following questions in your document. What type of system was selected for your computer administrator? What type of system was selected for your network administrator? What type of system was selected for yourself, as business manager? Discuss any similarities or differences between the selected systems. Explain your reasons for your selections. Prepare your work in a Word document using Times New Roman 12 point font, APA style (title page, abstract, citations, and references) with valid scholarly resources. Purchase the answer to view it

Title: Equipment Selection for a Small Business Providing Computer and Network Services

This document presents an analysis of the equipment selected for a small business that offers computer system setup and configuration, as well as network implementation and troubleshooting services to small businesses. The equipment selection is based on the roles of the computer administrator, network administrator, and business manager. This analysis aims to identify the appropriate types of systems for each role and discuss the similarities and differences between them.

Starting a business in the computer and networking industry poses substantial challenges in terms of equipment selection. The success of the business depends on the efficiency and reliability of the chosen systems. This analysis considers the needs of the computer administrator, the network administrator, and the business manager. The equipment selected should fulfill their roles effectively while meeting the business requirements.

Computer Administrator System Selection:
The computer administrator role focuses on the administration and maintenance of the computer systems utilized within the business. To support these responsibilities, a high-performance desktop computer system is essential. The selected system comprises a powerful processor, substantial RAM, a large storage capacity, and advanced graphics capabilities. These specifications enable the computer administrator to handle demanding tasks such as software installation, system troubleshooting, and technical support for clients. Moreover, the system should be equipped with reliable backup mechanisms to ensure data integrity and security. Additionally, a stable and fast internet connection is vital to expedite research, updates, and communications.

Network Administrator System Selection:
The role of the network administrator is to oversee the setup, configuration, and maintenance of the network infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity and optimal performance for clients and employees. A robust laptop or a desktop computer with mobility features is an ideal choice for the network administrator. This selection allows flexibility in working at different locations within the premises or remotely. The system should possess a fast processor, ample RAM, and sufficient storage capacity to manage network configurations, monitor and troubleshoot network issues, and install necessary software tools. Furthermore, professional-grade network diagnostic and analysis tools should be integrated into the system to facilitate efficient troubleshooting.

Business Manager System Selection:
As the business manager, access to real-time information, effective communication, and streamlined business operations are pivotal. Therefore, a modern laptop or a desktop computer system with advanced processing capabilities is crucial. The system should be equipped with comprehensive business management software, such as customer relationship management (CRM) and accounting software, to facilitate efficient inventory management, financial analysis, and customer relationship development. A secure and fast internet connection is also imperative for accessing cloud-based business applications, attending virtual meetings, and ensuring seamless communication with clients and employees.

Similarities and Differences:
Although each selected system caters to distinct roles, there are similarities in terms of processing power, storage capacity, and network connectivity. This allows seamless collaboration between the computer administrator, network administrator, and business manager, facilitating efficient information exchange and supporting holistic business operations. However, differences arise in terms of mobility features, specialized software requirements, and specific technical tools necessary for each role. These differences aim to enhance the individual capabilities of each role and optimize their contributions to the functions of the business.

Reasons for Selection:
The selection of specific types of systems for each role is based on the unique requirements and responsibilities associated with those roles. One fundamental factor is the need for specialized software tools and features tailored to each role’s responsibilities. Additionally, considerations of mobility, processing power, and storage capacity were made to ensure efficiency, productivity, and seamless business operations.

The equipment selection for a small business providing computer and network services requires careful consideration of the roles and responsibilities involved. The computer administrator, network administrator, and business manager require systems that are tailored to support their unique functions. Careful selection ensures efficient business operations, effective communication, and the ability to provide quality services to small businesses in the community.

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