You are attending a brainstorming session with other professionals discussing the biggest technical challenges and opportunities in 2018 in your industry (pick any industry). Some of these challenges / opportunities include: 1. Impact of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI); 2. Cybersecurity; 3. Maintaining innovation; or 4. Security issues. Create a new thread and identify one technical challenge / opportunity facing your I&C industry in 2017 using at least one article or video that you have learned about. (Hint look at the resources in Module 2.)  Put your name and challenge in Subject Line. Post a brief description of why you think this is a technical challenge / opportunity and is important to study. Discuss the various technical challenges / opportunities everyone has posted. Based on your discussion, choose the most important challenge for your Part 3. Create a new thread and post your ‘most important challenge” and why you consider it the most important. Using the list below, determine which knowledge areas you would need to attempt to solve the challenge or opportunity. As a REPLY to your ‘most important” message in part 2, list the pertinent KAs and why you would need them. See the 3rd VCD for a list of the IT Knowledge Areas.

Subject Line: Technical Challenge/Opportunity in the I&C Industry in 2017

Name: [Your Name]

Challenge: Impact of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the I&C Industry

Description: The technical challenge I would like to discuss is the impact of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) on the I&C (Instrumentation and Control) industry in 2017. This challenge is significant because the integration of robotics and AI technologies has the potential to revolutionize the way we design, operate, and maintain industrial control systems.

In recent years, advanced robotic systems and AI algorithms have become increasingly sophisticated, enabling them to perform complex tasks with greater efficiency, accuracy, and precision. In the I&C industry, this opens up new opportunities for automation, optimization, and enhanced decision-making, ultimately leading to improved productivity, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

However, the integration of robotics and AI in the I&C industry also presents various technical challenges. One of the main challenges is ensuring the seamless integration of these technologies with existing control systems and infrastructure. This requires expertise in areas such as industrial networking, software engineering, and system integration.

Another challenge is the need for robust cybersecurity measures to protect the I&C systems from potential security threats. As robotics and AI systems play a larger role in industrial processes, they become more attractive targets for malicious actors. Therefore, it is essential to develop effective cybersecurity strategies and techniques to safeguard these systems.

Furthermore, the implementation of robotics and AI technologies in the I&C industry requires a multidisciplinary approach. It involves knowledge from various IT knowledge areas such as data management and analytics, hardware and software infrastructure, system architecture, and human-computer interaction. Each of these knowledge areas plays a crucial role in designing, deploying, and maintaining advanced robotic and AI systems in the I&C industry.

By studying the impact of robotics and AI on the I&C industry, professionals and researchers can gain insights into the potential benefits and challenges associated with this integration. This knowledge can inform the development of strategies, protocols, and best practices to harness the full potential of robotics and AI technologies while addressing the challenges they present.

In conclusion, the impact of robotics and AI on the I&C industry in 2017 is a significant technical challenge. It offers opportunities for automation, optimization, and improved decision-making, but also poses challenges related to system integration, cybersecurity, and multidisciplinary collaboration. Studying this challenge can help advance the field and ensure the safe and effective deployment of robotics and AI technologies in the I&C industry.

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