Xpress Mart is a large convenience store chain, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, serving approximately 7.1 million customers a year throughout the North East. The company headquarters houses over 800 employees. Xpress Mart has recently purchased Dales Outlet stores, and is currently experiencing a seven percent (7%) annual growth. The market plan is to expand its operations by entering into the Midwest, and to eventually become a National chain. The database is growing at a rate of eight and one-half percent (8.5%) per year and will exceed the current hard drive space. The main server is overloaded, resulting in poor performance and long delays. The company currently has a 4-terabyte Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), database that tracks over four (4) billion transactions each year and pulls the information daily from each store regionally. Since Xpress Mart is experiencing performance issues, and soon will have issues with capacity, it has decided to upgrade the SQL server to 2012, hiring you as a database consultant. Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you: Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements: The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are: Click to view the grading rubric. Purchase the answer to view it

Xpress Mart is a well-established convenience store chain based in Pittsburgh, PA, with a customer base of approximately 7.1 million people in the North East region. The company operates with a workforce of over 800 employees at its headquarters. Recently, Xpress Mart acquired Dales Outlet stores, which has contributed to the company’s annual growth rate of seven percent (7%). To further expand its operations, Xpress Mart plans to enter the Midwest market and eventually become a national chain.

With the company’s growth and acquisition of new stores, the database used by Xpress Mart is also growing rapidly at a rate of eight and one-half percent (8.5%) per year. This increase in data volume is expected to exceed the current storage capacity of the hard drive. As a result, the main server is experiencing performance issues and long delays, adversely affecting the efficiency of operations.

Xpress Mart currently utilizes a 4-terabyte Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) database, which tracks over four billion transactions annually and retrieves information from each store on a daily basis. Given the performance issues faced by Xpress Mart, as well as the projected capacity issues, the company has made the decision to upgrade its SQL server to the 2012 version.

As a database consultant hired by Xpress Mart, the objective is to address the company’s performance and capacity challenges through the upgrade to SQL server 2012. In order to achieve this, several key tasks need to be undertaken:

1. Assess the current database system and analyze the specific issues leading to the poor performance and long delays. This involves examining the hardware infrastructure, database design, query optimization, and indexing strategies.

2. Evaluate the scalability and capacity of the existing database system to determine the expected growth rate and storage requirements in the future. This includes considering the projected number of transactions, data retention policies, and the hardware capabilities needed to support the increasing data volume.

3. Research and compare the features and capabilities of SQL server 2012 to the current version being used by Xpress Mart. This involves understanding the improvements and enhancements introduced in SQL server 2012 that can address the performance and capacity challenges faced by the company.

4. Develop a comprehensive upgrade plan that outlines the steps and considerations for migrating the database from the current version to SQL server 2012. This includes identifying any potential risks or compatibility issues and proposing mitigation strategies.

5. Provide recommendations for optimizing the database design, query performance, and indexing strategies to ensure efficient and effective operations. This involves conducting performance tuning exercises, identifying bottlenecks, and implementing best practices.

By executing these tasks, Xpress Mart can address its performance and capacity challenges while leveraging the benefits of SQL server 2012. This would enable the company to effectively manage its growing database, support its expansion plans, and improve the overall performance and efficiency of its operations.

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