Week 1 DQ 1 (Integrative Project Management Processes) Week 1 DQ 2 (Project Functions and Characteristics Week 1 Indivisual Assignment(Compliance System Training on New Technology). Week 1 Project Proposal Executive Memo – Individual Assignment Week 2 Individual Two Day Training Session Week 2 Individual – Project Task List.mpp Week 2 DQ 1(Accurate Budget Estimates) Week 2 DQ 2 (Scope of a Project, and the Work Breakdown Schedule) Week 2 Project Scope. Week 2 Team Riordan Charter Approach Week 3 Individual Project Budget .mpp Week 3 DQ 1 (Cost and Time are Extremely Important Variables). Week 3 DQ 2 (Start to Finish (SF) Logical Relationship is the Dependency ). Week 3 Individual HR Project Budget. Week 3 Project Budget Individual Combined Week 3 Project Budget Individual. Week 4 (Riordan Manufacturing HR and Systems Redesign Project) Week 4 Project Controls Individual Assignment. Week 4 DQ 1(Team Performance, Working Together). Week 4 DQ 2 (Ethical or Moral Boundaries for Outsourcing). Week 5 Final Presentation (Riordan Manufacturing). Week 5 – Individual – Project Postmorterm Review. Week 5 DQ 2(Successful Risk Management). Week 5 DQ1(Flexibility According to Changing Situation). Week 5 Riordan Manufacturing HR and Systems Redesign ProjectTeam Av5.

The list of tasks and assignments provided seems to be related to a project management course or a specific project that includes various activities and deliverables. The week-by-week breakdown suggests that this is a long-term project that spans multiple weeks or months.

The first assignment mentioned is titled “Integrative Project Management Processes” and the second one is “Project Functions and Characteristics.” These assignments likely focus on introducing students to the fundamental concepts and principles of project management, such as the different phases of a project and the roles and responsibilities of project managers.

The third assignment is “Compliance System Training on New Technology.” This suggests that the project is related to implementing a new technology system and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. It is possible that this assignment involves designing and delivering training sessions for employees on the new technology.

The fourth assignment, “Project Proposal Executive Memo,” is likely a written document that outlines the project’s goals, scope, and expected outcomes. It may also include information on the project’s budget, timeline, and resources required.

The fifth assignment is titled “Two Day Training Session.” This implies that the project includes a training component that spans two days. It is possible that this assignment involves planning and organizing the training sessions, including selecting topics, designing materials, and coordinating with trainers.

The sixth assignment mentions a “Project Task List.” This is likely a comprehensive list of all the tasks required to complete the project. It may include information on task dependencies, duration, and resources required.

The seventh and eighth assignments focus on budgeting. The “Accurate Budget Estimates” assignment suggests that students are expected to develop accurate cost estimates for the project, while the “Project Scope” assignment likely involves defining and documenting the scope of the project.

The ninth assignment, titled “Team Riordan Charter Approach,” suggests that the project involves multiple team members and that a team charter is required. A team charter is a document that outlines the team’s mission, goals, roles, and responsibilities.

The remaining assignments mentioned include topics such as project controls, team performance, outsourcing ethics, risk management, and flexibility in response to changing situations. These topics likely explore different aspects of project management and address common challenges and considerations that project managers face.

Overall, this list of tasks and assignments suggests that the project is comprehensive and covers various aspects of project management. It requires students to apply their knowledge and skills in areas such as planning, budgeting, team management, and risk mitigation.

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