Use what you’ve learned this week to respond to the following: Define persuasion. What makes someone persuasive? Give an example from your personal or professional life and explain how it is relevant. Explain how you can use persuasive speaking in your current or future career. Finish this sentence: “The most important thing to know about being persuasive is…” Then comment on a classmate’s response. 1. “Phishing” Select one of the following and discuss in no less than three paragraphs and 2.have at least one response “ ” only one paragraph. · Research phishing schemes on the web. Find a recent scheme and summarize and discuss why it may have been successful. What are the red flags that one should look out for to avoid becoming a victim, and what should one do if one encounters such schemes? · As a security manager what actions might you take to assure your company does not fall victim to phishing? Include any training or simulation/white hat hacking you might consider.

Persuasion can be defined as the act of convincing or influencing someone to adopt a certain belief, attitude, or behavior. It is a skill that is often employed in various aspects of life in order to achieve certain goals or results. In order for someone to be persuasive, they must possess certain qualities or tactics that make their argument or message more compelling.

One of the key factors that makes someone persuasive is their ability to establish credibility. When a person is seen as knowledgeable, trustworthy, and credible, their arguments hold more weight and are more likely to be accepted by others. This can involve having expertise on the subject matter, providing evidence or data to support their claims, or presenting themselves in a confident and articulate manner.

Another important aspect of persuasion is the ability to understand and appeal to the emotions and values of the audience. People are often driven by their emotions and personal beliefs, so being able to tap into these emotions and align one’s message with the audience’s values can greatly enhance persuasive power. This can be done through the use of storytelling, emotional appeals, or appeals to shared values or common interests.

In my professional life, I have witnessed the effectiveness of persuasion in the marketing and sales industry. A colleague of mine was exceptionally persuasive in his sales pitch to clients. He possessed a deep knowledge of the product and was able to present it in a way that resonated with the wants and needs of the clients. His ability to establish credibility and build trust quickly made him successful in convincing clients to make purchasing decisions.

In my future career as a researcher, persuasion will also play a crucial role. I will need to persuade funding agencies and investors to support my research projects. This will require not only presenting my ideas and findings in a clear and compelling manner, but also establishing my credibility as a researcher and demonstrating the potential impact and value of my work.

The most important thing to know about being persuasive is that it is not about manipulating or tricking people. It is about presenting a strong and well-supported argument, appealing to emotions and values, and respecting the autonomy and intelligence of the audience. Making a genuine connection with the audience and understanding their needs and concerns is crucial in order to be persuasive in a positive and ethical way.

In response to my classmate’s response, I agree that establishing credibility is an essential aspect of being persuasive. Without credibility, it would be difficult for an individual to gain the trust and attention of their audience. Additionally, appealing to the emotions and values of the audience is another important tactic to consider. Emotions can greatly influence decision-making, so tapping into those emotions can make a persuasive message more compelling. Overall, it is important to consider both the logical and emotional aspects of persuasion in order to be effective.

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