The program should request as input the following information: – the name of the organization visited – the date you arrived at the organization – the date you left the organization – the location of the visit – the expenses for meals and entertainment – airplane fare – lodging expenses – taxi fares All the inputs except the arrival date and the departure date should be entered into the program via text boxes. The arrival date and the departure date are entered via masked text boxes When “submit” button is clicked, all the information should be displayed in a list box as shown in the screen shot below. Only 50% of the expenses for meals and entertainment are deductible. Therefore, your program will also calculate and display – the total except meals and entertainment – 50% of meals and entertainment – total deductible expenses Do you agree to suggested price? i can have it ready in 24 hrs if you do agree to new suggested price

The program mentioned above requires input for various details related to a visit to an organization. These details include the name of the organization, arrival and departure dates, location of the visit, expenses for meals and entertainment, airplane fare, lodging expenses, and taxi fares.

The program utilizes text boxes for entering all the information except for the arrival and departure dates, which are entered via masked text boxes. Once the submit button is clicked, all the entered information is displayed in a list box, as depicted in the provided screen shot.

Additionally, the program incorporates calculations related to the deductible expenses. It is mentioned that only 50% of the expenses for meals and entertainment are deductible. Therefore, the program calculates and displays the following information:

1. Total expenses excluding meals and entertainment.
2. 50% of the expenses for meals and entertainment.
3. Total deductible expenses.

It is important to note that the program assumes the user’s agreement to a suggested price and promises to have the program ready within 24 hours if the agreement is reached.

This program seems to be designed for tracking and organizing the expenses incurred during a visit to an organization. By inputting the required information, users can easily view and analyze the relevant details, including both deductible and non-deductible expenses.

In terms of functionality, the program appears to be straightforward and user-friendly. The use of text boxes and masked text boxes for data entry provides a clear format for inputting the necessary information. The displayed information in the list box allows for easy reference and review.

The program’s inclusion of calculations related to deductible expenses demonstrates its ability to provide users with a comprehensive overview of their visit expenses. By breaking down the deductible and non-deductible components, users can better understand the financial implications of their visit.

The only potential area that requires clarification is the basis for determining if the expenses for meals and entertainment are deductible. The program assumes a fixed percentage of 50%, but it does not provide any rationale or options for customization. It would be beneficial to allow users to modify this percentage based on their specific tax regulations or policies.

Overall, the program provides a solid foundation for tracking visit expenses and calculating deductible amounts. By implementing the suggested improvements and allowing flexibility in customization, this program can effectively assist users in managing their visit-related financial information.

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