the following modules in the Pluralsight course, “Network Architecture for CompTIA Network+ (N10-006)”: the following module in the Pluralsight course “Network Architecture for CompTIA Network+ (N10-006)”: Hugh Generic of Generic Financial Services has hired XYZ Systems Consulting to help with the LAN design of two offices. Mary Prince of XYZ Systems Consulting met with Hugh Generic and a transcript of their conversation can be found in the student download section on the right within the XYZ Systems Consulting folder. To gain additional insight on how to analyze network needs and possible vulnerabilities, download and use NMap which also contains Zenmap GUI as the graphical interface to show scan results. NMap is a free open source tool used to gain additional information on how to review network traffic and determine additional hosts, operating systems being used, scan ports, and application versions used on a network. The instructions for use can be downloaded using the link under the materials section on the right. how use of this tool can be used to make decisions and provide the modification needed for this LAN Design project. a LAN design using Visio for service request SR-mf-005 & SR-mf-007. your project “005_LastName_FirstInitial” and choose Create an Empty Scenario.

In this assignment, we will analyze the LAN design project for Generic Financial Services, in which XYZ Systems Consulting has been hired to provide assistance. To understand the requirements and possible vulnerabilities of the LAN design, we will utilize a tool called NMap, which can be downloaded for free and used to gather information about network traffic, hosts, operating systems, scan ports, and application versions.

NMap is an open-source tool that provides a command-line interface for network scanning and mapping. It also includes a graphical user interface called Zenmap, which can display the results of the scans in a more user-friendly manner. By using NMap, we can gain valuable insights into the current network infrastructure and identify potential areas of improvement.

To begin the analysis, we need to download and install NMap from the provided link in the materials section. Once installed, we can access the tool either through the command line or by using the Zenmap GUI. NMap offers a wide range of scan types, such as TCP SYN scan, UDP scan, and OS detection scan, among others. Each scan type serves a specific purpose and provides different information about the network.

By running NMap scans on the LAN, we can detect active hosts, identify open ports, and determine the operating systems that are being used. This information can help us understand the network topology and identify any potential vulnerabilities. For example, identifying open ports can help identify services that may be running, allowing us to evaluate their security and potentially make recommendations for modification.

Additionally, NMap can provide valuable insights into the network’s overall security posture. By conducting a thorough scan of the LAN, we can identify any potential security weaknesses, such as unencrypted connections or outdated software versions. Armed with this information, we can make informed decisions about how to modify the LAN design to enhance security and mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

In order to document and communicate the LAN design, we will be using Visio. Visio is a powerful tool for creating network diagrams and can help visualize the proposed LAN design. We will create a new project in Visio and name it “005_LastName_FirstInitial”. From there, we will choose the option to create an empty scenario, which will allow us to design the LAN network according to the requirements and recommendations identified through the analysis with NMap.

By utilizing NMap and Visio, we can gather crucial information about the LAN, identify vulnerabilities, and design a more secure and efficient network for Generic Financial Services. This analysis will help ensure that the LAN design meets the needs of the organization and adheres to best practices in network architecture.

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