The Dayton Soft Products executive staff has requested materials and your recommendations on the following security issues: · Is a security audit really needed? What are your recommendations for conducting such an audit? · What are the roles and responsibilities for the organization’s staff regarding security? · Is there any concern about Dayton Soft Products’ overall communications? a 3- to 4-page proposal that addresses solutions for the issues presented and includes: 1. Reasons for why a security audit is necessary with your recommendations for conducting such an audit: 2. Potential costs (personnel, finances, etc.) 3. Proposed audit timeline 4. Two recommend methodologies 5. A RACI chart that identifies: 6. the roles and responsibilities for the organization’s staff regarding security, and 7. expectations for a) business units, b) IT staff, c) executive staff, d) sales, and e) support staff. 8. : This chart may be embedded in your proposal as a table or spreadsheet file, or attached as a separate document. 9. Answers to concern about Dayton Soft Products’ overall communications 10. Three recommendations for securing the web communications—especially addressing internal needs and the growing global needs APA Format Please provide sources NO PLAGIARISM Purchase the answer to view it

Title: Proposal for Conducting a Security Audit and Enhancing Communications at Dayton Soft Products


This proposal aims to address the security concerns raised by the executive staff at Dayton Soft Products. It provides recommendations for conducting a security audit, outlines the roles and responsibilities of the organization’s staff regarding security, analyzes the concerns about overall communications, and suggests three recommendations for securing web communications. The proposal includes reasons for why a security audit is necessary, potential costs, a proposed audit timeline, two recommended methodologies, a RACI chart, and answers to concerns about Dayton Soft Products’ overall communications.

1. Reasons for Conducting a Security Audit

A security audit is necessary to assess the current state of security measures in place at Dayton Soft Products and identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that may be exploited by potential threats. It allows the organization to ensure compliance with internal policies, industry standards, and legal requirements. Furthermore, a security audit provides an opportunity to review the effectiveness of existing security controls and systems, and identify areas that require improvement. It also helps create a baseline to measure future security improvements against.

To conduct the security audit, the following recommendations are proposed:

a. Engaging an external security auditing firm with expertise in conducting comprehensive assessments of IT infrastructure and applications.
b. Utilizing a risk-based approach that focuses on identifying and prioritizing the most critical risks to the organization.
c. Conducting vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and source code reviews to identify potential security flaws.
d. Assessing the organization’s security policies, procedures, and practices to ensure they align with industry best practices.

2. Potential Costs

The cost of conducting a security audit will vary depending on the scope and complexity of the assessment. It may include personnel expenses for engaging external auditors, as well as costs associated with software tools and technologies required for conducting the audit. A dedicated internal team may also be required to support the audit process. A comprehensive cost analysis will be prepared in collaboration with the chosen external auditors to determine the exact financial investment required.

3. Proposed Audit Timeline

The audit timeline will be divided into several phases, including pre-audit preparations, data collection, analysis and assessment, remediation planning, and reporting. The proposed timeline will be developed in consultation with the external auditors, taking into consideration the organization’s resources and business requirements. A draft timeline indicating key milestones and deliverables will be presented for approval by the executive staff.

4. Recommended Methodologies

Two methodologies are recommended for conducting the security audit at Dayton Soft Products:

a. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity: This framework provides a structured approach to assess and enhance the organization’s cybersecurity posture. It focuses on identifying, protecting, detecting, responding to, and recovering from potential cyber threats.

b. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Testing Guide: This methodology focuses on identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in web applications. It provides a comprehensive checklist and guidelines for testing web applications from a security perspective.

5. RACI Chart

A Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RACI) chart will be developed to define and communicate the roles and responsibilities of the organization’s staff regarding security. This chart will outline expectations for business units, IT staff, executive staff, sales, and support staff in relation to security measures. The RACI chart will be embedded as a table within the proposal.

This proposal will continue with sections 6-10 in the next part.

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