The assignment will be chosen by the individual student with my approval. An ideal assignment will be one which involves at least four entity sets, but not too many since there will be critical time pressure to complete the assignment. Also, we hope for interesting relationships (many-many, many-one, one-one, ISA, weak entity sets, etc.) between the entity sets in order to lead naturally to the use of the major topics covered in the course. For students with considerable experience with practical database systems, I will encourage you to come up with ideas for alternative kinds of assignments that will provide you with a substantial learning experience. The assignment will give you an opportunity to exercise the techniques and tools you learn in this class. The goal is not to develop a complete system, but rather to develop a prototype that illustrates the major features of the system, were it to be completed. We want the parts that are done to be complete and impressive. The major requirements of the assignment will be a careful and complete ER model, the relational database tables with sample data, a set of interesting SQL queries, and finally a user-friendly interface. Here are some topics that can be used: Sample files

For the assignment in this course, students will have the opportunity to choose a topic that aligns with their interests and provides a meaningful learning experience. The ideal assignment will involve at least four entity sets but not be overly complex due to the time constraints. It is also encouraged to incorporate interesting relationships such as many-many, many-one, one-one, ISA, and weak entity sets to facilitate the application of the major course concepts.

Students who have practical experience with database systems may propose alternative assignments that offer a substantial learning experience in their specific area of expertise. These alternative assignments should still allow for the application of the techniques and tools covered in the course.

The primary goal of the assignment is not to develop a complete system, but rather to create a prototype that showcases the key features of the system if it were to be fully developed. It is important for the completed parts of the assignment to be comprehensive and impressive, demonstrating a solid understanding of the concepts and techniques learned.

The assignment will have several key requirements. Firstly, students will need to create a careful and complete Entity-Relationship (ER) model that accurately represents the structure and relationships of the chosen topic. This ER model will serve as the foundation for the subsequent stages of the assignment.

Secondly, students will be required to design and implement the relational database tables based on the ER model. This includes defining the appropriate tables, columns, and relationships. Sample data should also be provided to populate the tables and illustrate their functionality.

Thirdly, students will need to develop a set of interesting SQL queries that demonstrate their ability to extract, manipulate, and analyze data from the database. These queries should showcase the versatility and power of SQL as a query language.

Lastly, students will be expected to create a user-friendly interface for interacting with the database. This interface should allow users to easily perform various operations on the data, such as adding new records, updating existing records, and retrieving specific information.

In terms of potential topics for the assignment, students have the flexibility to choose a subject that aligns with their interests and offers ample opportunities for the application of database concepts. Some sample files and topics that could be considered include customer orders, product inventory, employee management, student enrollment, and healthcare records, among others.

Ultimately, the assignment aims to provide students with a practical and hands-on experience in applying the techniques and tools covered in the course, while also allowing them to explore a topic of personal interest. By completing the assignment, students will develop a deeper understanding of database systems and gain valuable skills that can be applied in real-world scenarios.

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