Read the case study “McRoy Aerospace” on page 332 and answer questions 4 and 5 on page 333. Discussions will consist of 2 parts: Your initial posting on the subject, and responses to two or more students postings. Post your primary response by each Wednesday midnight. Respond to at least two (2) other postings by Sunday Midnight. The primary post should be at least 300 words in length. Your second postings can either answer another student’s question to your own post or be a comment to his or her original post. Secondary posts must be at least 150 words in length. • All initial postings must have at least one citation or reference and it must be in APA format. Failure to have a reference or not having it in APA format will deduct 5 points. • Word counts must be met. Each 10 words short will deduct 1 point from your total discussion score. • If any part of your postings is copied and pasted you will receive no credit for the assignment, and no resubmission is possible. • Late postings will receive reduced credit of 10% per day. After 10 days late no credit will be given.

Title: Analysis of McRoy Aerospace Case Study


McRoy Aerospace is a case study that highlights significant challenges faced by a company in the aerospace industry. The case raises questions about leadership, organizational structure, and decision-making processes. This analysis will delve into questions 4 and 5 on page 333, examining the problems and potential solutions discussed in the case study.

Question 4: Identify and discuss the underlying problems at McRoy Aerospace.

McRoy Aerospace is beset by several underlying problems that contribute to its overall decline. First and foremost, there is a lack of clear leadership and strategic direction within the company. The absence of a competent and decisive CEO has led to a power vacuum, resulting in conflicting agendas and uncertainty.

The organizational structure at McRoy Aerospace is also flawed. The case study suggests that the company has a matrix structure, with employees reporting to both functional managers and program managers. This creates ambiguity and confusion about roles and responsibilities, leading to inefficiencies and a lack of accountability.

Furthermore, McRoy Aerospace struggles with an ineffective decision-making process. The case highlights instances where decisions are repeatedly revisited or postponed, causing delays and hindering progress. This lack of timely decision-making reflects a broader issue of poor communication and collaboration within the organization.

The relationship between McRoy Aerospace and its parent company, CalCorp, further exacerbates the problems. CalCorp’s influence on McRoy Aerospace, in terms of funding and decision-making authority, seems to hinder rather than facilitate the company’s operations. This dependency on the parent company limits McRoy Aerospace’s autonomy and makes it difficult for the company to adapt to changing market conditions.

Question 5: Propose potential solutions to address the issues faced by McRoy Aerospace.

To address the underlying problems at McRoy Aerospace, several solutions can be considered. First and foremost, the company needs a strong and visionary CEO who can provide clear direction and establish effective leadership. This leader should foster a culture of collaboration, accountability, and innovation within the organization.

The organizational structure at McRoy Aerospace should also be reevaluated. Shifting from a matrix structure to one that emphasizes clear lines of authority and accountability can help eliminate confusion and improve decision-making processes. This could involve redesigning the reporting structure and assigning roles based on competency and expertise.

In terms of decision-making, McRoy Aerospace needs to implement a more structured and efficient process. This could involve establishing clear decision-making criteria, improving communication channels, and setting deadlines for decisions to be made. Additionally, fostering a culture that encourages open and honest communication at all levels can help identify and address issues more promptly.

Finally, the company should aim to reduce its dependency on CalCorp. McRoy Aerospace needs more autonomy in terms of decision-making, access to resources, and strategic planning. This could involve renegotiating contracts and exploring new partnerships to diversify its funding sources.

In conclusion, McRoy Aerospace faces several underlying problems that require careful analysis and strategic interventions. By addressing issues related to leadership, organizational structure, decision-making, and dependency on CalCorp, the company can set itself on a path to success and longevity in the aerospace industry.

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