Please create a pseudo code that would allow users to enter and submit survey (to store in the database) and display survey results of total entered surveyed: The survey should display the survey subject title and total five questions. User should be in a position to select Yes/No answer from given dropdown for each question. Upon user selects submit, the program should check that all answers are given by users and then will submit the answer and store into the backend database. The database must have capability to store the total for Yes and No answered for each question by each user as well total number of users submitted the survey. Upon user selects the display survey results option; the website would display survey results retrieved from the backend database. The result must display – Survey Subject, Total Number of Users Submitted the Survey, Each Question and for each question how many percentage (%) answered Yes and how many percentage (%) answered No. These values you will retrieve from the database. The pseudo code must show the calculation of how you are converting (calculating) the total Yes and No answered values for each question in the percentage based on the retrieved values from the database.

Pseudo code is a way to represent the logic of a program without using any specific programming language. In this case, we want to create pseudo code for a survey system that allows users to enter and submit surveys, and display the survey results. Here’s an example of how the pseudo code could look:

1. Start program
2. Initialize variables:
– surveySubjectTitle
– totalUsersSubmitted
– question1
– question2
– question3
– question4
– question5

3. Display menu options:
– Enter survey
– Display survey results
– Exit

4. Read user’s choice
5. If user’s choice is “Enter survey”, then do the following:
5.1. Read surveySubjectTitle
5.2. Set totalUsersSubmitted to 0
5.3. Repeat the following steps for each question:
5.3.1. Read question
5.3.2. Set totalYes to 0
5.3.3. Set totalNo to 0
5.3.4. Increment totalUsersSubmitted by 1
5.3.5. Repeat the following steps until totalUsersSubmitted is equal to the desired number of users: Display the question Read user’s answer (Yes/No) If user’s answer is “Yes”, then increment totalYes by 1 If user’s answer is “No”, then increment totalNo by 1
5.3.6. Store the totalYes and totalNo for the current question in the database
5.4. Store the totalUsersSubmitted in the database
5.5. Display a message to indicate that the survey has been submitted successfully
5.6. Go back to step 4

6. If user’s choice is “Display survey results”, then do the following:
6.1. Retrieve the surveySubjectTitle, totalUsersSubmitted, and the totalYes and totalNo for each question from the database
6.2. Calculate the percentage of users who answered “Yes” and “No” for each question
6.3. Display the surveySubjectTitle and totalUsersSubmitted
6.4. Repeat the following steps for each question:
6.4.1. Display the question
6.4.2. Display the percentage of users who answered “Yes” and the percentage of users who answered “No”
6.5. Go back to step 4

7. If user’s choice is “Exit”, then end the program
8. End program

Please note that this pseudo code is just a representation of the logic and does not include specific implementations or database operations. It provides a general idea of how the program flow and calculations would work. The actual implementation would depend on the programming language and database system used.

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