I had a database project but not all the information has been provided.  I already have the database created by the specs have to be followed according to the course outline.  I still need to have the following completed: 1.  Functioning Database – ERD – Normalized Data Model – SQL code used to create your DB Schema – Contents of the DB Tables (minimum 10 records per table) 2.  Functioning Forms – You must have at least one form allowing ECI customers to _.trade a car in. – You must be able to use your forms to INSERT, UPDATE, and _.DELETE any record within your database 3.  Functioning Reports You must be able to run your reports, based on 10 queries of your preference. 4 queries must involve at least 3 tables, and another 4 queries must involve at least 4 tables. I have attached the database and the report submitted by previous teacher.  I need this by 7:00 PM today.  No later.

Dear student,

It seems that you have a database project that requires you to complete various tasks. I can assist you in understanding and completing these tasks based on the information provided. However, please note that without the complete information for the project, it may be challenging to offer specific guidance.

Firstly, you mentioned that you already have the database created according to the course outline. This implies that you have a fundamental understanding of database design and implementation. To ensure that your database meets the requirements, you should verify if it includes the following elements:

1. Functioning Database:
– Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD): This represents the key entities of your system and their relationships.
– Normalized Data Model: This showcases the structure of your database, ensuring it is well-organized and optimized.
– SQL code: This is the code used to create your database schema, specifying the tables, columns, and constraints.
– Contents of DB Tables: You need to have a minimum of 10 records in each table of your database.

2. Functioning Forms:
– You should have at least one form that allows ECI customers to trade in a car. This form should facilitate the insertion of data related to the trade-in process into the appropriate table(s).
– Furthermore, your forms should enable you to perform essential database operations such as INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE. These functionalities are crucial for data manipulation.

3. Functioning Reports:
– Your database should be capable of running reports based on queries. You need to create a total of 10 queries, according to your preference. For four of these queries, you should involve at least 3 tables, and for another four queries, you should involve at least 4 tables. These queries will form the basis of your reports.

It is essential to thoroughly review the database provided by your previous teacher and ensure that your project aligns with their expectations. Additionally, if any specific requirements or specifications were mentioned by the teacher, make sure to consider them while completing your project.

Lastly, please note that the timeframe you provided for completing the project is quite tight. Given the complexity of some of the tasks, such as designing a normalized data model and creating 10 queries, it may be challenging to complete them by 7:00 PM today. Therefore, it is advisable to manage your time effectively and prioritize the tasks that are within your reach to complete by the given deadline.

If you have any further questions or require more specific guidance based on the information provided, please feel free to ask.

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