Hour of Code (HOC) is a web site where you will complete a one-hour introduction to computer science. It is designed to explain code and show that anyone can learn programming basics. Since we are focusing on software during this course segment, you will see what is involved in the process of creating program, “apps.” Here is the link to the general HOC website: Here’s the link: You are going to complete the Processing Foundation – Hello Processing, module. Here is the link to this Module: It has a video that will guide you through writing software to do the things that you often do with your hands: create drawings, create animations or to create images. Pausing the video when the instructor asks you to type code will help. Come up with an original creation, it should not look like this example. You should paste a screen shot of your creation after each section of the tutorial (Shapes, Color and Interact, and Questions). Use your favorite colors and try to create one of your favorite images. Paste your original screen shots below my examples.

Hour of Code (HOC) is a web site that offers a one-hour introduction to computer science. The purpose of HOC is to provide an explanation of coding and to demonstrate that anyone can learn the basics of programming. In the context of this course segment, the focus is on software development, particularly the creation of “apps.” The specific module to be completed is called “Processing Foundation – Hello Processing,” which can be found on the HOC website.

The module includes a video tutorial that guides participants through the process of writing software code to perform various tasks, such as creating drawings, animations, and images. It is recommended to pause the video when the instructor prompts you to type code, as this will allow for a more interactive learning experience.

After each section of the tutorial, you are encouraged to create an original project that reflects your personal creativity. It is important to ensure that your creation is distinct from the provided examples. Additionally, you are required to include a screen shot of your project after completing each section of the tutorial, namely Shapes, Color and Interact, and Questions.

The use of your favorite colors is encouraged, and you should attempt to recreate one of your favorite images or designs. This will enable you to personalize your project and make it more engaging. The purpose of including screen shots is to document your progress and showcase your completed tasks.

Overall, the goal of this assignment is to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of coding and software development. By completing the HOC module, you will gain a basic understanding of how to use the Processing Foundation software to create various visual elements. Additionally, the assignment encourages creativity and personalization, allowing you to showcase your unique style and preferences through your original project.

To begin this assignment, please access the general HOC website at the provided link. From there, navigate to the specific module “Processing Foundation – Hello Processing” to access the video tutorial. Be sure to follow the instructions given in the assignment and to document your progress by taking screen shots of your creations.

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