Have you ever played the game “Mab Libs?” ( ). The general idea was that one player would have a story and ask another player (who doesn’t know the story) for nouns and adjectives, etc. and the end result was that you’d read the pre-written story fitted with their mostly out-of-context words filling in key spots of the story. It usually was pretty funny. Let’s build a Mad Labs game with Javascript … you’ll create a script that contains a list of variables. You can either use an array or individual variables. You should use variables that are integers and text. You’ll then create your story by concatenating the variables into the story. For example, to create the story you could take a paragraph like this: You would sub in variables for certain words: 1. Come up with three to four sentence paragraph, decide which words you will replace with variables and make a list of corresponding You should ask specifically for “a noun”, “an adjective”, “a number”, corresponding to how many elements you need. 2. In the forum denoted as “Lesson 2 – Mad Libs”, post your list of word needs for a classmate to reply to, which you can plug in for the variables.

In this assignment, you will be creating a Mad Libs game using JavaScript. Mad Libs is a word game where one player provides a story and another player fills in the blanks with nouns, adjectives, and other words. The result is often a humorous and silly story.

To begin, you will need to create a JavaScript script that contains a list of variables. These variables can either be stored in an array or as individual variables. The variables should include integers and text. The integers can represent numbers, while the text variables can represent nouns, adjectives, or other parts of speech.

Next, you will need to create your story by concatenating the variables into the story template. For example, you could start with a three to four sentence paragraph and identify which words you will replace with variables. Make a list of the corresponding variables that you will need for each word.

Once you have determined the list of word needs, you should post them in the designated forum for this assignment, labeled “Lesson 2 – Mad Libs”. Here, you can ask a classmate to reply with the words that they will provide to fill in the variables.

By collecting the responses from your classmates, you can then plug in their words into the variables in your JavaScript script. This will complete the Mad Libs game, and you will have a funny story with the words provided by your classmates.

It’s important to note that Mad Libs can be a fun and interactive way to learn and practice different aspects of language, such as parts of speech and sentence structure. It allows for creativity and often results in humorous and unexpected combinations of words.

By creating a Mad Libs game using JavaScript, you will not only practice your programming skills but also engage in a playful and entertaining activity. This assignment will allow you to explore different ways of manipulating variables and using them in a creative context.

In conclusion, this assignment involves creating a Mad Libs game using JavaScript. You will need to create a list of variables, which can include integers and text. These variables will be used to fill in the blanks in a story template. By posting your word needs in the designated forum, you can collect responses from your classmates and plug them into your JavaScript script. This assignment offers an opportunity to combine programming skills with a fun and interactive word game.

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