GPSS Simulation Modelling : GPSS Simulation Model (20 marks) You can download the free Windows version of GPSS (i.e. GPSS World student version) from The sales counter next to the soft toy display in Shambles receives a customer every 2-4 minutes. Most of these customers (80%) are buying toys and are dealt with by the cashier in 3-5 minutes. The remaining 20% of customers come to open accounts that require an account manager. These customers wait for the account manager, who spends 10-20 minutes in serving them. a) You are required to simulate a 10-hour day in this department using GPSS. To begin with, construct a flowchart describing the above events using suitable GPSS blocks. [4 marks] b) Now carry out the simulation in GPSS, giving your programme (code) and simulation report. [8 marks] c) Describe the results of your simulation using the simulation report, giving as much detail as possible. [8 marks] Computer Science : Undergraduate : Coursework : English (U.K.) : 2 pages/550 words :MLA

GPSS (General Purpose Simulation System) is a simulation language used for simulating discrete-event systems. In this assignment, we are required to simulate the operations of a sales counter in Shambles department using GPSS.

The sales counter in Shambles receives customers at varying intervals. According to the information provided, customers arrive at the sales counter every 2-4 minutes. It is mentioned that 80% of these customers are buying toys and are dealt with by the cashier, while the remaining 20% come to open accounts that require the assistance of an account manager.

For the customers buying toys, it is mentioned that the cashier takes 3-5 minutes to serve them. On the other hand, for customers opening accounts, the account manager spends 10-20 minutes serving them.

To begin the simulation using GPSS, we need to construct a flowchart describing the events mentioned above using suitable GPSS blocks. A flowchart is a graphical representation of a system, illustrating the flow of events and actions that occur in the system. In this case, we can use GPSS blocks such as ‘create’, ‘delay’, ‘seize’, ‘release’, and ‘terminate’ to represent the arrival of customers, the time spent in the queue, the server resources required, and the completion of service. The exact implementation of these blocks will depend on the specific GPSS version being used.

Once the flowchart is constructed, we can proceed to carry out the simulation in GPSS. This requires writing the necessary program (code) based on the constructed flowchart. The program should include all the necessary GPSS commands and statements to define the system components, specify arrival and service times, and track the performance of the system. The simulation report will provide information on the average wait time, utilization of resources, and other relevant statistics that can be used to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales counter system.

In part c of the assignment, we are expected to describe the results of the simulation based on the simulation report. This involves analyzing the statistics provided in the report and providing a detailed description of the performance of the system. The description should include information on the average wait time for customers, the utilization of the cashier and account manager, and any other relevant observations or findings from the simulation.

To summarize, this assignment requires constructing a flowchart to represent the events in the sales counter system, carrying out the simulation using GPSS, and analyzing the simulation report to describe the system’s performance.

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