Good Evening, Looking to get back two modified .py files that meet the missing requirements. I have built code for a soduko board (85% of the assignment done). The progression has been done over 3 .py files. I’m having difficulty finishing several aspects, and need an expert to guide in finishing the programs. I have outlined these requirements in the .pdf, but here are a few notes: 1. Having difficulty adding code to check2 (add user input to board) that will change a blank space in theprinted board to the user inputed number if all the row, column, box test pass as true. 2. My code (soduko solver) does not recognize when a user input should be added to a blank space, and passes to “Cant’t Add Number to Board” incorrectly. Also having a hard time adding print statement “board solved” when solved file added (though the program does end user prompt). A few side notes: ***I use Python 2.7 which has some syntax differences from 3.x (e.g. raw_input vs. input). ***There are several test soduko boards included in the .zip that must work (Also in directions .pdf) If you think you can tackle this, please message me.

Dear student,

Thank you for reaching out regarding your assignment on building a Sudoku board using Python. It seems that you have made significant progress on the code, completing about 85% of the assignment. However, there are a few aspects that you need assistance with in order to meet the requirements outlined in the provided PDF.

One of the difficulties you mentioned is adding code to the “check2” file that will change a blank space in the printed board to the user-inputted number. To achieve this, you will need to implement a conditional statement that checks if the user input passes the row, column, and box tests as true. If it does, you can update the respective position on the board with the entered number. However, without access to your specific code, it is challenging to provide you with exact guidance. If you can share your code and provide more specific details about the issue you are facing, I can offer more targeted assistance.

Furthermore, you mentioned a problem with your “” code, which is the Sudoku solver. It appears that the program incorrectly passes the input as “Can’t Add Number to Board” instead of recognizing when a user input should be added to a blank space. To address this issue, you should carefully review your code and ensure that you are correctly checking for empty spaces on the board before trying to add a number. Additionally, you mentioned that you are struggling to add the print statement “board solved” when the program successfully solves the Sudoku puzzle. Again, I would need to see your code to provide specific advice on how to address this problem.

Please note that you mentioned using Python 2.7, which has syntax differences compared to Python 3.x. It is crucial to ensure that your code is compatible with the Python version you are using. If you encounter any compatibility issues, it might be necessary to adjust your code accordingly.

Lastly, you mentioned that there are several test Sudoku boards included in the provided zip file, and it is essential that your code works with them. I would recommend thoroughly testing your code with these sample boards to ensure that it produces the expected results.

If you would like me to assist you further, please provide your code and any specific error messages or additional details about the issues you are facing. With this information, I can provide more targeted guidance to help you complete the remaining requirements of the assignment.

Best regards,
[Your Name]

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