For this assignment, you will select a current research paper (published since 2016) to review. You may select any research paper that is related to Data Science or Big Data Analytics. I strongly recommend that you start your search at Google Scholar ( Once you enter your search term(s), select the “Since 2016” link on the left. Feel free to choose ANY relevant paper. (I would recommend that you select one that you can read and summarize in a reasonable amount of time) For APA citation information, I have found to be a great resource. Here is a short list of what I want: 1) Your review should be 1/2 to 1-1/2 pages, single spaced. 2) You should briefly summarize the content of the article or paper and explain how it relates to Data Science and/or Big Data Analytics. 3) Provide your own assessment of the article. (Did it make sense? Did you learn anything from it? Do you agree or disagree with the content?) 4) Use the APA style for the paper and any references. You MUST use APA in-text references AND provide a list of any resources you used in the references list at the end of your paper.

Title: Review of a Current Research Paper on Data Science and Big Data Analytics

In this review, a research paper related to the field of Data Science or Big Data Analytics will be selected and evaluated. The chosen paper should have been published since 2016, and the review should provide a summary of its content, an analysis of how it relates to Data Science and/or Big Data Analytics, and a personal assessment of the article.

Selection Process:
To begin the search for a suitable research paper, Google Scholar ( is recommended due to its extensive collection of scholarly works. By entering relevant search terms and selecting the “Since 2016” option, a list of potential papers can be obtained. The selection should be made based on the ability to read and summarize the article within a reasonable timeframe.

Summary of the Content:
A concise and accurate summary of the selected research paper is essential for providing an overview of its content. The summary should outline the main objectives, methodologies employed, and significant findings of the study. Additionally, any key concepts, algorithms, or models introduced in the paper should be highlighted.

Relating to Data Science and Big Data Analytics:
To analyze how the selected paper relates to Data Science and Big Data Analytics, it is important to identify the specific aspects or areas within this broad field that the research focuses on. This could include topics such as data mining, machine learning, predictive analytics, or data visualization. By examining the paper’s contribution to advancing knowledge in these areas, the reviewer can assess its relevance to the field of Data Science and Big Data Analytics.

Personal Assessment:
The personal assessment of the reviewed article provides an opportunity to reflect on the clarity, coherence, and overall quality of the research paper. The reviewer should consider whether the content is well-structured and logically presented, if the study’s objectives are effectively addressed, and if the findings are supported by robust analysis. Furthermore, the reviewer may evaluate whether the article provided insights or knowledge that were previously unknown or disputed. This assessment can be used to form an opinion on the paper’s merit and contribution to the field.

APA Style and References:
To ensure proper citation and formatting, the review should adhere to the guidelines provided by the American Psychological Association (APA). An in-text citation format should be used when referring to specific information from the research paper. Additionally, a list of references at the end of the review should include all the resources consulted during the writing process, following the APA style guidelines.

Overall, this assignment provides an opportunity to critically analyze and evaluate a current research paper on Data Science or Big Data Analytics. By summarizing the content, analyzing its relation to the field, providing a personal assessment, and adhering to the APA style, the reviewer can demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the chosen research paper while offering insights and opinions on its significance.

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