For this assignment, you just got promoted by Mayor of Rockdale to  the Director of the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) for the City of  Rockdale. The city’s annual national infrastructure review is due in the  next several days. Various governmental agencies including the Federal  Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Department of Homeland Security  (DHS), as well as the Department of Defense (DoD) will be among the  reviewing parties at your headquarters. Their primary function is to  either approve or deny your city’s accreditation. Without this  accreditation your city will lose millions of dollars in federal grants.  All other reports from your city were sent to all the reviewing  agencies via electronic communication. However, the primary reason these  agencies are coming to Rockdale is to listen to your presentation on  how the city uses the security strategy of to protect the national infrastructures located in Rockdale. Your presentation will include the following: Requirements: You are to create a PowerPoint Presentation with a minimum of 15  informative slides. These 15 slides do not include your title or  reference titles. Your slide must be clear and have visual  reference along with speaker notes. You also need to write and cite. A  minimum of 14 citations and references are required.

Title: Security Strategy to Protect National Infrastructures in Rockdale: A PowerPoint Presentation

– Welcome and introduction to the presentation
– Purpose of the presentation: to highlight how Rockdale uses a security strategy to safeguard its national infrastructures
– Importance of accreditation for federal grants

Slide 1: Title Slide
– Introduction slide with the title of the presentation and your name

Slide 2: Background Information
– Brief overview of Rockdale and its importance as a hub for national infrastructures
– Mention key infrastructures located in Rockdale (power plants, transportation networks, etc.)
– Discuss the significance of these infrastructures for the city and the nation

Slide 3: Threat Landscape
– Analysis of potential threats to national infrastructures in Rockdale
– Highlight common threats such as natural disasters, cyber attacks, and physical sabotage
– Explain the consequences of infrastructure disruptions for the city and the nation

Slide 4: Risk Assessment
– Overview of the risk assessment process implemented by Rockdale
– Discuss the identification and evaluation of vulnerabilities in national infrastructures
– Highlight the importance of risk prioritization and mitigation strategies

Slide 5: Security Measures and Controls
– Identification and description of security measures implemented in Rockdale
– Discuss physical security measures (fencing, access control systems, surveillance cameras)
– Explain cybersecurity measures (firewalls, intrusion detection systems, encryption)

Slide 6: Incident Response Plan
– Outline the incident response plan developed by Rockdale
– Discuss the role of the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) in coordinating responses to infrastructure incidents
– Highlight the importance of training, communication, and collaboration among different agencies

Slide 7: Collaboration with Governmental Agencies
– Overview of collaboration with FEMA, DHS, and DoD
– Explain the role of these agencies in reviewing Rockdale’s security strategy
– Highlight the benefits of accreditation for federal grants

Slide 8: Compliance with Regulatory Standards
– Discussion on compliance with relevant regulatory standards and guidelines
– Mention specific standards such as NIST Cybersecurity Framework and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards
– Highlight the importance of maintaining compliance to ensure the protection of national infrastructures

Slide 9: Continual Improvement
– Emphasize the need for continual improvement in the security strategy
– Discuss the importance of regular assessments, audits, and updates to address emerging threats and vulnerabilities
– Highlight the role of risk management in driving continuous improvement

Slide 10: Training and Awareness Programs
– Discuss the importance of training and awareness programs for employees and stakeholders
– Explain the role of training in enhancing security preparedness and response capabilities
– Highlight the benefits of fostering a culture of security awareness in Rockdale

Slide 11: Lessons Learned and Best Practices
– Share lessons learned from past incidents and exercises
– Discuss the application of best practices in securing national infrastructures
– Mention examples of successful security strategies implemented in other cities or organizations

Slide 12: Budget and Resource Allocation
– Highlight the budget allocation for security measures in Rockdale
– Discuss the prioritization of resources based on risk assessment and mitigation strategies
– Emphasize the importance of investing in security to protect national infrastructures

Slide 13: Conclusion
– Summary of the main points discussed in the presentation
– Reiterate the importance of the security strategy for Rockdale’s national infrastructures
– Mention the ongoing commitment to improving and protecting these infrastructures

Slide 14: References
– List of citations and references used in the presentation

Slide 15: Q&A and Thank You
– Provide an opportunity for questions from the reviewing parties
– Thank the audience for their time and attention

Note: The above outline provides a structure for the PowerPoint presentation. It is essential to provide detailed speaker notes to accompany each slide, providing additional context and explanation. The presentation should be well-researched, adhere to academic standards, and include appropriate citations and references throughout.

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